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Why your business needs an Android app


Android apps have been playing a pivotal role in fostering the growth of enterprises (all types). With Android OS benefits are manifolds, and this blog will acquaint you top 10 reasons why a business needs an Android app. So, remain hooked to it.

It is without an iota of doubt that the mobile app industry has experienced sky-rocketing growth in the past few years. For businesses, both start-ups and recognized enterprises, it is imperative to comprehend the importance that why a business needs to take a plunge into Android apps if they want to thrive in today’s digital Darwinian era. Investing in these apps having enterprise-friendly features would pay businesses dividends in a long run.

We can’t stress that enough mobile app development is an evolving area that supports disruptive technologies. It provides business new marketing opportunities and set futuristic trends that also help businesses win their customers’ loyalty.

We also can’t overlook an integral part that pandemic has played in converging focus in building app development to provide seamless and contactless services to smartphone users. Whether it’s booking a flight, home delivery staples, or taking video consultation mobile apps have played a vital role in making things easy and approachable.

Why invest in the Android platform?

 An Android app development market is evolving at break-neck speed. So, here we have created concise and significantly useful reasons — why a business needs an Androids mobile app – a platform that will leapfrog business into industry 4.0.

Augment ROI

In general, Android apps aren’t too expensive to develop, and because android apps are less expensive, they have a higher return on investment, how? As a free development platform, Android’s SDK is readily available for developers. App development for Android is therefore cost-effective. Right from the designing and development phase to testing to launch, developers work on google material design principles and use SDK kit. This helps them to develop an android app that offers the user a great experience. So, yes they augment ROI.

Customization is easy

The Android OS is fully customizable and convenient to use. This simple-to-use platform can be tailored-made as per users’ needs. Everything can be done from simple variations to more complex modifications. Apart from meeting any business need effectively, Android can deliver an innovative experience as well.

BYOD Compatibility

Business trends such as bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile operations have improved communications across the globe. Android-based enterprise applications have become so popular that many organizations are considering leveraging BYOD for employee productivity. The devices like mobile phones, systems, tablets, and more running on Android can be easily found.

Wearable technology that runs on Android

This technology is becoming an integral part of the corporate culture. Messages, calls, notifications, and other activities on smartwatches are managed by Android apps. Wearable technologies have been used as a new medium of communication. This way you can keep your customer happy and satisfied with your services and offer them the solace that they look forward to.

Offer high security and easy marketing

Since Google released its latest mobile operating system, Lollipop, it has added many business-friendly features to prevent theft and intrusion of data. Thanks to the prominence of the Android market, you can promote your Android app by sending periodic notifications to your users. In this way, you can maintain safety as well as promote your services on the market.

Google Everything

The Android App Store has a wide gamut of apps that are exorbitantly useful for growing enterprises. One of the great benefits is core integration with Google services, which is not possible outside of the Android platform. So, can you see what benefits these apps are offering to businesses? They will make your business straddle to victory in today’s cut-throat competition.

Potential for innovation

One of the biggest advantages of Android is its global reach. A specialized approach may be appropriate if you want to target a particular audience. Depending on your needs, Android app developers can assist by using the latest tools and technologies. With the integration of modern technologies such as AR and VR, it is possible to acquire high-quality app solutions at affordable prices.

Changing Platform

It goes with a say that android apps are evolving at a ground-breaking pace. If we visualize the smartphones development market various reputed companies like Samsung develops smartphones having Android OS. And these brands leave no stone unturned in introducing and adding a few great features to stay ahead of the competitive curve in the market. Android developers, a community of people who adapt quickly to changes with their phones, make up many of them.

The TTM (Time To Market) has been reduced

To gain a competitive edge over your competitors in today’s dog-eat-dog world, you need to develop an amazing business app having great features as soon as possible. When developers create an app for your company, they make use of the Android app development tools that facilitate faster development and easier integration of desired features. Summoning to an experienced Android developer, you can have your company’s app built in a shorter amount of time, and this will save you both time and money.

A custom ROM can be installed

With custom Android ROMs, companies and developers can create their own way to run their apps, which gives them more creative sights and control over the apps. Companies that use these can develop apps quickly and cheaply because most of the versions are free to download. You can find out more about them by contacting a company that deals with Android app development.
Final words

So, if you want to launch a successful android app then, it is prudent to keep up with the dynamics of the mobile industry and delve more into the benefits of an Android mobile app. We hope the benefits that have been discussed in this post will help you to understand why you can count on the Android platform for business app development.

Want to get a competitive edge over the mobile app development space? Get in touch with a successful Android app development company, having a hands-on app development team that will help you walk through the app development process. Get in touch with us today.

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