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How much time do you spend on your own personal website or blog in your leisure time? How common is it on your own websites to seek public acclaim for one’s efforts?

If so, you’ve come to the proper location to unleash your inner writer. And if you can make a masterpiece, you’re definitely thinking of contributing to our website.

People are increasingly turning to freelancers and content writers for help with various issues. Businesses today appreciate the value of well-written content, resulting in high demand for writers. There are several ways to start creating content, including social media, news, SEO, blogs, copyright, and scriptwriting.

You’ll probably agree with what I say afterward.

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The themashtun.com “Write for Us and Get Paid” section allows you to share your work. Instead, we’ll simplify:

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Write for our online magazine. According to the blog’s welcome statement, “themashtun.com, The only requirements for writers are their name, a picture, and a short bio.

Please consider writing for our website. On themashtun.com as a guest blogger As a consequence, you retain complete ownership of your work, but we publish it on your behalf and pay you fairly.

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When we say “SEO Write for Us,” we mean creating material with SEO in mind (SEO).

Indeed, Google is a great search engine. To work as an SEO writer with us, you must know how to include keywords into your content.

You’ll be required to create content that attracts and keeps visitors.

You should be acquainted with the following terms and procedures:

Making a Web Marketing Strategy Social Media

Another example is email marketing.


Writing SEO content for us might pay well if you know the topic well.

Your name will be shown if you contribute to our articles.

themashtun.com writer for Us values your writing talents and marketing creativity.

You will need the following to write your essay:

Strategic Articles

A campaign’s start.

Publicity Content “Your mission is to educate the people.

Create a Media Kit!

You may help us by providing industry comments and social media analyses.

Tips & tricks for writing for us.

Marketing Automation, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media Competition are just a few themes with a lot of knowledge.

It’s OK to write between 800, and 1000 words provided the content is good.

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Why Is This So Common?

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If you’re skilled at writing about:


new companies and growth

SEM and SEO are among the other services accessible.

Web-enabled PCs

SMBs are small to medium-sized businesses.

We’d love to have you write for our Business blog as a guest writer as soon as we get your proposal.

An Article Writing Instruction For This Website

Certain basic principles must be followed before your blog posts may be legally and morally published on the web.

As you write and publish your blog posts, keep in mind these guidelines:

All entries must be made in English, the most widely spoken language on the planet.

Creativity is vital in today’s business world. Your work must be original. Please do not publish anything online unless it was intended to be placed online in the first place.

A minimum of 600 words is required. However, we prefer 1000-1200.

This information may be copied. Your public domain article requires a commercial license for one of your photographs.

Pornography, bigotry, intolerance, illegal activity, and incorrect coding are examples of social malpractice that should not be supported by your content and source links.

Your work should be organized and formatted in a logical manner. You have control.

Your document needs headers and subheadings.

Italics and splitting bullet points into smaller pieces are advised.

But I didn’t want to scare you since I’m always concerned about my reputation.

It’s up to me to submit stuff.

When it comes to the submission procedure, we at “Write for Us” receive a lot of inquiries.

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