How to Apply for Ration Card in Telangana

Telangana Ration Card

Telangana is a constituent state in south-central India. In its heart lies Hyderabad and its beauty. This year, the government of this state delinked welfare schemes and ration cards. As a result, these cards are can be used to get rations only. While these are now considered as ‘Food Security Cards, residents are looking for its application and services.

These cards are legal documents to make sure every resident obtains the necessary belongings. For instance, fertilizers, sugar, rice, LPG, and kerosene. To help, Telangana is offering these cards online. As a result, residents can easily visit its official website to avail the benefits of the Civil Supplies Department within the Telangana State. Also, this card serves as an identity proof of an Indian and their entire family.

Telangana Ration Card

Keep in mind, the government of Telangana issues food security cards to eligible households only. These are divided according to the economic stability of every resident. Thus, if you wish to save on ration in this state, make sure you have a ration card. Continue reading to find out how you can apply for a ration card in Telangana. Starting with the different types of food security cards.

Types of Ration Cards in Telangana

Ration cards in this state are categorized into three types. These include :

  • Above Poverty Line (APL)
  • Below Poverty Line (BPL)
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

Above Poverty Line (APL)

These are white ration cards for above-the-poverty-line households. People who have this card are the ones who are living over the poverty line as indicated by the state government. APL families get 10kg to 20kg food grains per family each month at 100% of the financial expense.

Below Poverty Line (BPL)

Families who have BPL cards are the ones who are living beneath the privation line indicated by the state government. BPL families get 10kg to 20kg food grains per family each month at half of the monetary expense. The retail cost for indicated amounts of sugar, rice, wheat, and different things change from one state to another. Each state government fixes various rates per amount.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

The State and Central Govt of India is recognizing the recipient for the AAY scheme. When the Government recognized it, the AAY family will furnish various shades of Ration cards. For instance in Telangana Pink Ration card is given to the AAY family and in Kerala, a Yellow card is utilized by AAY families. People in this category include

  • Marginal farmers
  • Slum-dwellers
  • Craftsmen and artisans
  • Landless agricultural workers
  • Destitute
  • Widow households
  • Disabled and elderly people
  • Ancient tribal families
  • Daily wagers

Eligibility Criteria for Telangana Ration Cards

To apply for the Telangana ration card, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Every Applicant must be a resident of Telangana.
  • Applicant must not hold a previous FSC/ration card.
  • The applicant must be a part of the economical weaker community.
  • The applicant can hold an expired ration card.

Documents For Ration Card

Next to the eligibility criteria is a list of important documents. To apply for the Telangana ration card, residents must acquire the following documents.

Contact And Email

You must provide your exact contact details and email address. Only an activated phone number will be considered to contact in emergencies.

Age Proof

Because this ration card is distributed by the government on the basis of age factor too, it is necessary that you show an age proof. Try to attach your identity card and birth certificate.

Identity Proof

To avoid fraud, the government demands identity proof. Thus, the right person can be awarded a Telangana ration card. The easiest way to prove your identity is by attaching your voter ID and passport. Also, show your driving license if available along with your Aadhar card.

Address Proof

When applying for government facilities, proper address is mandatory. Thus, provide your complete address and attach the necessary documents to show authenticity. For instance:

  • Current Aadhar card
  • Electricity bill
  • Water supply bill
  • Telephone bill
  • LPG receipt

Income Certificate

The ration card in Telangana is also distributed according to the income of the receiver. It is because this card provides different discounts on several commodities. Thus, attach your income certificate to make sure there are no missing holes.

Recent Photograph

It is internationally known that a recent passport size photo is necessary for applying anywhere. You can attach a clear picture of yours for identification. Keep in mind, if you are a glasses wearer, provide your picture without these. It helps to prove your identity easily. After all, you can remove your eyeglasses if someone asks.

Necessary Details About the Food Security Card

According to the National Food Security Act, the Electronic Public Distribution System (EPDS) meets the following details.

  • The Telangana Ration Card makes sure that poor households can receive sugar, rice, wheat, LPG, fertilizers, kerosene, and similar commodities at thrifty prices.
  • The Telangana government has set up a network of all Fair Price Shops. These help every FSC holder to receive the crucial commodities at reasonable rates.
  • The FSC is a beneficial card that can be easily connected to your regular Aadhaar card. Also, the cardholder can connect it to their bank account numbers.
  • As per the government, this ration card serves as a special purpose identity document for the family.

How To Apply For a Ration Card in Telangana?

To apply for the ration card in Telangana, check out the Meeseva portal. Visit the now. Follow these steps.

Create your Meeseva User ID

Visit the official website of Meeseva, Telangana, and check their web portal. On the homepage, look for the ‘Registration Form’ link and reach for it. You will now be redirected to a new page that will help you create your Meeseva user ID.

Submit Details Form

Fill in your desired login ID and confirm your password. Enter your contact details and fill out the details with your mobile number, full name, email ID, and full address. It includes your country, state, pin code, and district. Recheck all the details and submit your form.

Apply For Ration Card

Visit the official web portal of Meeseva Telangana. On the left side of the homepage is a blue menu, find it and click on ‘Application Forms’.Enter the application forms section through this button and allow the page to load. Among all the application forms being displayed under ‘Civil Supplies’, reach out for the Application of New Food Security Card. Now, the form that opens up is similar to the one displayed below. Download this form and get a printout of it.

How To Fill Details while Applying Telangana Ration Card

Start with the ‘head of the household’ details. These include:

  • Card type
  • UID number
  • Father/spouse name
  • Name of the head of the family
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Social status

Continue with the ‘gas connection’ details. If you have a gas connection available, enter the following:

  • Gas connection status
  • Your Gas agency name
  • Gas company name
  • Consumer number

Next, provide the ‘residence address’ details. These include,

  • Door number
  • District number
  • Village/ward
  • FB shop number
  • Locality/landmark
  • Mandal
  • Pin code
  • SKS form number

The form now includes a table that demands the details of family members. Provide the following:

  • Aadhaar number
  • EID
  • Member name
  • SRDH name

For the second table, fill the five columns with the following details:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • HOF Yes/No
  • SRDH status
  • Relationship with HOF

Move on with the ‘informant details’ section. It requires the following information

  • Informant name
  • Mobile number
  • Address proof document
  • Informant relation
  • Aadhaar proof document
  • Delivery type

According to the form, the required documents to be attached are the application form, Aadhaar proof document, and address proof document. To submit this form, go to the nearby Meeseva center. Submit the form along with the required documents. On collection, a Meeseva executive will check your documents and provide you with an acknowledgment slip for further processing.

How to Check Telangana Ration Card Status?

You can easily check the status of your new food security card by following some simple steps. Here Are Steps to Check Telangana Ration Card Status:

  • Visit the official website of EPDS in Telangana first. The URL for this website is
  • Login to the website using your Meeseva user ID and password.
  • Search for the ration card through the ‘FSC Search’ option.
  • Find the ‘FSC Application Search’ option and click it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your district.
  • You can also search for the ration card by old/new ration card number and FSC ref no.
  • Enter your application number in the required space.
  • Soon after the applicant enters this number, go to the search button and find the status.
  • Finally, you can view the details of the food security card.

How To Check the Ration List District-Wise?

To help people, the government provides district-wise details of the ration card list. Thus, you can visit the official web portal of the Telangana Civil Supplies Department. Follow these steps for a proper procedure.

  • Visit the Telangana PDS web portal.
  • Search for the ‘reports’ option on the homepage and click it.
  • Find the ‘ration card reports’ option and click it.
  • From the drop-down menu displayed, reach out for the ‘FSC card status’ report.
  • Now, the new tab will display the district-wise reports of ration cards.
  • Select a particular district to find details of all offices in the particular area.
  • Click further on the ‘offices’ option to view details of the shop numbers.
  • By selecting a particular shop number, you can check its details.

Finally, the details of the ration cardholders will be visible. These include,

  • Reference number
  • Ration card number
  • Card type ID
  • Head of the family name
  • Units
  • Gas cylinders
  • House number
  • MRO/ASO approved date
  • Card pool type

How to Download Telangana Ration Card?

Download Telangana Ration Card: It is easy to download the food security card. Follow these steps and you are free to go:

  1. Open Official Website

    Visit the official website of the Telangana EPDS. Its official URL is

  2. Find the “FSC Search” option

    Check the right-hand side menu on its homepage and reach out for the ‘FSC Search’ option. Click on the ‘FSC search’ option and select your district.

  3. Enter FSR reference number

    Enter your current/old ration card number or FSR reference number to view the card.

  4. Finally Download

    Download the card if results display your name in the list.

What is FSC Ref no?

While Applying for the FSC card you will be given a confirmation/acknowledgment slip that holds an FSC reference number. With the help of this Reference no you can check the status of your FSC Card.

How can I download the Telangana FSC card?

Steps To Download Telangana FSC Card:
1. Open Official Website
2. Find the “FSC Search” option
3. Enter FSR reference number/Old Ration Card No
4. Search and Download Card.