Cost of New Boiler Installation and Replacement

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Boiler replacement isn’t only considered because they are no more efficient there is much beyond that. It is also about upgrading to an energy-effective heating system. Boiler installation and replacement are always complex procedures. The boiler repair cost in London varies and relies on a number of factors just like replacement.

Mainly the cost differs in terms of building quality, brand, and boiler type. So, as an experienced buyer, you should be aware of its cost prior to buying any new boiler which you are going to find in this blog.

What will be the expense of a new boiler replacement?

Whilst it is about the expense of replacement of your old boiler with a new one homeowners always look for the most affordable ones. The cost of replacing an old combi boiler system with the new one is much less than the expenditure of traditional boiler replacement with the new combi boiler system.

Boiler type, brand, and size also contribute to the price. A new boiler can never be available at a cheap price. The price range of new boilers ranges anywhere from £500-£2,500; sometimes even more. If the heating system needs flushing or requires new valves of the thermostat radiator then replacement cost will eventually increase.

The right time to replace your boiler

Some of the signs indicate that boiler replacement becomes essential. They are mentioned below:

  • In case boiler repairing is not cost-savvier at all then call the heating engineers to install a new boiler model.
  • A new boiler is a better option to have in case the existing one doesn’t provide good control on heating.
  • For a G-rated boiler replace it using an A-rated model or highly energy-efficient one.
  • During home renovation installing a new modern advanced boiler will heighten the value.

What is the expense of boiler installation?

new boiler installation

Alike replacing a new boiler cost, installation of a new boiler cost also differs from one another. The most simple installation process costs around £540. On another hand, combi boiler installation will cost around £1,440.

Any reliable installers will recommend keeping some amount aside to use as additional expenses if needed for chemical flush, mechanical flush, and moving pipes. These will cost around £200, £510 and from £200 to £300 respectively.

Remember, these costs never contribute to the actual price of the boiler. The boiler installation cost is higher than the boiler cost itself. When you combine the cost of both of these it will range anywhere from £1,040-£4,250.

Combi boiler installation is quite easy than conventional boiler fitting as it lacks additional cylinders and tacks to fit. All the engineers need to do is to connect the boilers with the wires which can be used perfectly after installing is over. Fortunately, the labor costs will be much less.

Don’t rely on all of the aforementioned costs as each one of them is just an estimation. A number of attributions are associated to determine the final and actual cost of installing a new boiler on your property. The boiler repair cost in London varies and relies on a number of factors just like replacement.

Some of the factors are discussed here for your reference:

Upgradation of main gas pipes

The conventional heating system possesses if 155mm width of gas pipe. By upgrading to the new heating system model, the pipe will upgrade to 22 mm width. This will save some extra costs.


When it comes to installing a heavy boiler, it needs the assistance of two engineers to install it completely. It will incur the labor cost significantly.

Replacement complexity

 Certain boiler replacement procedures are quite straightforward. No chance of a loose connection is there. Every job requires the removal of the old boiler to install the new one in the same place. Once the process is done, the functional ability of the newly installed will be tested to label it as Gas Safe.

But not every installation process is quite straight and simple. In case you have upgraded to a new and advanced model, the installer has to replace the pipework. To do this some holes need to be re-drilled to mount the boiler in its exact place. It will make the task more time-consuming influencing new boiler fitting costs simultaneously.

Boiler location-

Want to shift the boiler to the new location? Then additional work is needed comprising of new fittings, fixtures, physical labors, and extra pipeworks.

Additional installations-

Installing additional parts like magnetic boiler fitters, limescale fitters, and cylinders can cost you many hundred pounds.
Chemical flush- It incorporates cleaning out the deposited sludge from the heating system. It resists the hot water to flow to the radiators increasing the efficiency of the entire system. But a new chemical flush will make you pay extra.

Tips to cut off the cost of boiler installation

new boiler installation

Only professional and trusted Gas Safe engineers ensure quick and simple installation. They carry every necessary equipment and part to conduct the task efficiently and safely.

The things you can expect from boiler installation are mentioned below:

Prior to the installation-

The Gas Safe engineers will inspect certain things regarding your heating system before installing a new boiler. It comprises flue and boiler positioning, water pressure, bathroom number in the house, and radiators number.

During installation-

In case there is straight replacement involved like switching to an advanced combi boiler from the existing one then it would get complete in a day. However, if the model varies and the beating system gets old and needs replacement then the installation procedure will prolong. Sometimes complex installations also linger the task to get done

Receive the documentation

Every company should notify local authorities to post a new boiler installation. They should ensure that the installation is in compliance with gas safety and buildings rules and regulations. Once the task gets over, the installer will provide Building Regulations Certificate. Just store it in the designated file.

Post-installation- After the installation is over, the heating engineer will conduct the boiler tests to ensure that everything is fine and working properly. Many heating engineers clean the spot once the installation is over. Then they start explaining tips to operate it with designated controls.
Nowadays, many companies carry out guaranteed installation services once boiler installation is done. It varies anywhere from 1 to 5-year. After the job, if you are not satisfied with the quality or have any concerns, call out the heating engineer from the company immediately. Problem fixing by them is the obligation which made by the installing personnel.

The money you can save on boiler replacement

It’s all about saving money on replacing your old boiler with the new one! Replacement of a G-rated boiler with an A-rated boiler will let you save up to £340. Also, by switching to a modern boiler you can save around 1500 kg of CO (carbon monoxide).
It is not just about lowering the bills it is also about long-time security, warranty, and care. So, you are advised to obtain a new appliance over which you don’t have to pay much.

Any properly maintained boiler actually lasts for long 15 years without any sort of serious issue. Remember, with aging boiler has to perform hard to fulfill the demand of hot water supply and keeping the entire house warm. But in that situation, it is obvious that you have to pay more money for heating bills which is why replacement of boiler is highly recommended.

These days, combi boiler becomes the first and foremost choice of the UK citizens. It lacks the water cylinder which is common in conventional boilers. With compact sizes, it can be installed in the kitchen cupboard perfectly. But the only downside is it loses its water pressure drastically if multiple taps and water faucets are being used at a time.

Do you want to know more about the expense of boiler installation and replacement? Then it would be better to speak up with the nearby and trusted heating and plumbing companies to get the job done in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost.

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