How to use youtube to grow your business

How to grow your business on youtube

YouTube has over a billion subscribers and over a million daily views, making it an ideal platform for small businesses wishing to market their products through video.

Video is both interesting and valuable to a variety of businesses. Creating a YouTube account for your business gives your audience a convenient area to access and interact with your material.

Complete your YouTube profile and follow these guidelines to create interesting video material that will engage your audience and help you grow your business subscriber base.

how to use youtube to grow your business

To converse with others, you can use YouTube.

  • It is possible to sort the most current or most common comments. You may enhance video interaction by responding to users who make comments on your videos.
  • Likes: This is a more passive way of interacting with staff. If you’ve opted to make your favorites public on your channel, these videos will appear in the playlists area.
  • Subscriptions: The most efficient way for customers to stay up with your brand’s content is to subscribe to it. When you upload a new video, subscribers will receive a push notification.
  • Subscribers increase your engagement traffic and page views, thus you should always let them do so. Subscription updates appear at the beginning and/or end of many popular YouTube videos.
  • Playlists: The site’s playlist feature allows you to organize comparable content into groups. If you choose to make your playlists public, they will appear on your channel’s page underneath your submitted content. A playlist can also be used to organize other users’ material.
  • Youtube videos are of very big size. So you need ultimate drive increaser to increase your file size.
  • You could, for example, compile all of your clients’ films into one enormous list if you own marketing business. Otherwise, this is merely another option to organize the stuff on your channel.
  • Using the site’s social widget, users can share movies to various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Messages: You may now send private videos and messages to your friends and acquaintances using YouTube.

How to use youtube to grow your business


Tips & tricks for using YouTube

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your YouTube channel for your business now that you know how to use it.

1. Encourage your YouTube subscribers to sign up for your YouTube newsletter.

Subscribing allows your audience to be notified whenever you publish a new video, playlist, or other pieces of content. It also estimates the number of people who will watch your movie at the end.

2. Videos from YouTube can be shared on other social media platforms.

Provide a link to your videos on your website and other social media channels wherever available. Don’t stop at direct video connections, though. Link back to your channel so that your audience may subscribe and see what it looks like.
“Get a video plan,” advised Tracy Sestili, SparkPost’s head of marketing. “You can use YouTube as a repository without a plan, but you won’t get anything in return.”

3. Include relevant keywords in the video’s title, tags, and description.

To find out what works best, try out different names and definitions. Selecting proper keywords to maximize hits is a popular SEO approach for marketers on any social networking site. It helps viewers find content that they are interested in. One quick exercise is to watch one of your company’s videos from start to finish and develop a list of relevant words and phrases as you go. However, you must be reasonable in your keyword selection.

According to James Robinson, Iconic Genius’ marketing strategist, “don’t go for keywords that huge businesses fight for.”
“Choose keywords that are specific to your location.”

4. Interact with related content that has been contributed by other users.

Like and comment on videos made by other users. Not only may those users see your movies and subscribe to your channel, but everyone else who sees the comment or likes could as well. Use videos with a comparable subject, interest, or theme to yours to attract new viewers.

5. Display content that has been uploaded by other users.

In addition to like and commenting on other users’ videos, you will showcase prominent channels and your favorite videos on your own site. You’ll be displaying your involvement in your industry’s YouTube culture, as well as sending traffic to other YouTube users in your domain, which is a much-needed online commodity.

Instead of films from direct competitors, make sure to showcase videos that are relevant to your audience.

6. Make playlists and curate them.

If you have a repeating theme in some of your videos, group them together. Maybe you upload a video every Friday morning, and you put all of them together in a playlist named “Friday sequence.” On your channel’s page, your playlists will appear underneath your submitted videos.

7. Publish new stuff every day.

Viewers will look to you to develop, modify, and publish fresh content, especially if you have a large subscription base. As a result, the value of your brand increases. This is true for any website where consumers may follow your content and interact with it.
“Be clear,” empowerment consultant Michelle Baxo suggested. “I found that scheduling a weekly article and contacting [subscribers on] my social media networks were the most effective ways to gain traction.” Use clickable links to navigate to additional material.

With a clickable link inside the video, many videos reference earlier, pertinent, or even fresher content at the end of the video. These can be added when editing your video via the web-based video manager. You can also use this capability to link to any pages or websites mentioned in your video.

8. With the help of expert content creators, you can position your products.

Hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers often tune in to popular YouTubers’ channels, especially those with frequently trending content. Reaching out to them as a potential sponsor might be a lucrative business venture. Many YouTube celebrities feature sponsors in their videos, exposing a business to a far larger audience than the typical.

9. Use YouTube videos to your advantage.

YouTube Stories, which are comparable to Snapchat or Instagram stories, were just released recently. A story is a collection of small videos that can be watched for up to a day before being taken down. Google is now testing Al to switch backgrounds in stories, with a limited number of content creators taking part in a trial edition.


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