How to Prepare General Awareness for Defence Exams?

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Every Indian venerates the Indian defence forces as ‘Superhero’ of the nation. No doubt, these forces are home to gallant and assiduous youngsters. However, becoming a part of the defence forces is not a cinch. Interested and eligible candidates need to put in sincere efforts to clear the written exam and strenuous SSB interview. In most of the defence exams, written exam includes four sections i.e. Quants, Reasoning, General awareness and English. Everyone is well versed with the smart ways required to prepare for quants and reasoning. But, only a few candidates know how to ace the general awareness section. In this article, defence aspirants are going to find excellent ways for preparing general awareness. 

The defence forces churn out adept personnel by conducting a variety of exams. Are you a 12th pass student preparing for the NDA exam? If yes, prepare perfectly for the exam under the guidance of the finest source that offers NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Apart from the NDA exam, candidates appear for the CDS and AFCAT exam to enter the defence forces. 

Go through the following helpful tips and tricks to prepare general awareness for the defence exams:

The most common section of every defence exam is general awareness. This section tests the memory of candidates on static G.K., current affairs and other general topics. 

  • Read two newspapers daily

Newspapers can act as a boon for candidates preparing for current affairs. There’s no other source better than newspapers to prepare for current affairs. We would suggest you read two newspapers daily. Read one newspaper in your native language and another in the English language. It can help you get in-depth knowledge regarding what’s happening in your surroundings. So, try to invest at least an hour a day reading the newspaper. Devoting ideal hours for reading newspapers can help you retain information for a long time. Note that you can’t skip reading a newspaper, if you want to become dextrous in this section.

  • Watch a reliable news channel

Apart from reading a newspaper, there’s another interesting way to become aware of current affairs i.e. watching a reliable news channel. There are many news channels such as BBC news, ABP news etc. that can keep you updated on the latest news. Note that you need to know both national and international news. You can choose to watch news channels during short breaks. Therefore, you need not to spare time specially for watching a news channel. Moreover, watching a news channel is optional.

  • Download apps on your phone

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets. So, why not use it for your betterment? Instead of using social media on your phone, you can choose to download a current affairs app on your phone. It is a portable option that can aid in keeping you updated on current affairs even while travelling. Additionally, the best part of downloading an app is that it provides daily quizzes. You can easily polish your knowledge on current affairs by answering the questions of the quiz.

Therefore, a simple smartphone can help you prepare general awareness for defence exams. Are you planning to appear for the AFCAT exam? If yes, then prepare for the exam with the help of a perfect institute that provides AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Prepare proper notes

General knowledge is a theoretical subject. Furthermore, you need to memorize gigantic information while preparing for the general awareness. Do you know the best possible way to retain General awareness? You can ingrain the habit of writing while learning. It can aid in memorizing every information. Moreover, you’ll make proper notes this way. We would advise you to highlight important things while making notes. It can help you to revise every important thing during the last hours. 

  • Solve mock tests

For sure, you can’t skip practicing mock tests while preparing for the defence exams. You can find umpteen mock tests from various online portals. These mock tests can give you a clear idea of the type of questions to be asked in the exam. Moreover, you’ll be able to increase your speed and accuracy of solving questions. As a result, you can easily save yourself from negative marking in the defence exams.  We would suggest you to solve at least three or four mock tests in a day. 

  • Follow a monthly magazine

Do you think reading a newspaper daily is a boring task? If yes, then try to read a magazine that provides current affairs of a month in a single book. Every information in the magazine is explained briefly and in simple language. Moreover, you may not feel the need to make notes. There are various reliable magazines in the market on which you can rely to prepare for current affairs. Here is a list of some popular magazine:

  • Pratiyogita darpan.
  • Competition success review
  • Reader’s digest
  • Economic and political weekly
  • Time etc. 
  • Revise regularly

No doubt, there’s a lot of information that you need to memorize while preparing for general awareness. To make sure you won’t forget that information, revise current affairs regularly. Here your notes will come to rescue. Try to revise from your notes. It will be easy for you to recall information. Also, you can prepare a chart of tough topics and paste it on the wall in front of you. Read those topics before going to bed and after waking up. This is how you can easily master the general knowledge section.

So, are you aiming to enter the defence forces by cracking the CDS exam? Ensure your success in the exam by preparing for the exam with the help of an eminent institute that provides CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the most effective ways to prepare for the general awareness section in defence exams. You just need to have a good memory to ace this section. There’s no need to learn quick tips and tricks like you do while preparing for quants and reasoning. Therefore, preparing for the general awareness is easy. So, having a good hand over this section can improve your overall score.


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