Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane?

Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane

Since 2013, the FAA has permitted Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth headphones. In general, you are only permitted to use Bluetooth headphones during the flight, excluding takeoff and landing.

Nevertheless, some airlines permit Bluetooth headphones for the duration of the flight. Find out which airlines permit you to use Bluetooth headphones for the duration of your flight below.

Bluetooth and wireless headphones have gained popularity in recent years, so it’s natural that people would want to use them on long flights.

According to the FAA, every electronic device you bring on board must be in airplane mode, or the cellphone connection should be disabled.

However, you may utilize the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone if the aircraft has a Wi-Fi system installed and the airline permits it. In 2013, the FAA permitted passengers to use Bluetooth devices while flying. However, the ultimate decision rests with each airline.

Major American airlines have no objection to letting customers use Bluetooth devices throughout the trip, while some regulations do not directly address this.

As long as cellular coverage (if applicable) is disabled, Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue enable passengers to use wireless equipment such as keyboards and wireless headphones throughout flights.

During landing and departure, however, they restrict the use of Bluetooth devices that link to a laptop or tablet. Therefore, these devices must be turned off and stored before and after a trip.

However, are they permitted? Continue reading as we delve into the specifics of TSA and FAA rules. According to the TSA, you may bring headphones (such as wireless headphones) on board an airplane in your checked luggage or carry-on bag.

However, you’ve probably heard of the airlines’ ban on electronic devices emitting radio waves. Air travelers are prohibited from using wireless or Bluetooth devices larger than smartphones. There is, even so, more to it.

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When Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones are permitted on airplanes. Because of their short range, they typically cause negligible interference with aircraft. In 2013, the FAA, a stickler for flight safety, deemed Bluetooth to be safe.

Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane?

Even though each airline has laws and restrictions, you will normally be permitted to use your Bluetooth headphones at all moments except during liftoff.

Why Must Bluetooth Be Switched Off During Take-off And Landing?

Due to safety concerns, you cannot use your Bluetooth earbuds or other Bluetooth devices during takeoff and landing.

There is fear that Bluetooth devices could interfere with radio frequencies needed for airplane-to-control-tower communication.

Furthermore, you are more likely to hear pilot and cabin crew announcements if you are not wearing headphones.

Because Bluetooth can interfere with radio frequencies used for communications between flights and control towers, many airlines mandate that you disable it during takeoff and landing.

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International Rules On Bluetooth Headphones, Other Devices Differ

International and foreign-based airlines operate under their own set of restrictions. British Airways, for example, permits using Bluetooth devices during flights, but not during takeoff, arrival, or taxi.

On the other hand, Air Canada permits wireless headphones, but only above 10,000 feet, and if the battery is replaceable.

They prohibit travelers from using wireless computer mice entirely. Lufthansa, a German airline, enables customers to use their wireless headphones for the duration of the flight, including during landing and departure.

Emirates and Qatar Airlines forbid travelers traveling to the United States from using wireless headphones. Additionally, headphones are included on Turkish Airlines’ list of forbidden items.

The primary reason airlines prohibit wireless headphones is safety. They wish to avoid instances where travelers become stranded and defenseless, especially in potentially hazardous circumstances.

For instance, some airlines prohibit noise-canceling headphones because a passenger wearing them could miss life-saving instructions in an emergency. To stay on the safe side with the majority of airlines, turn off Bluetooth during cruising, takeoff, and land.

Additionally, the connecting device must be in flight mode for the duration of the journey. Therefore, the device you are using to connect to your Bluetooth earbuds must be able to connect to them even when they are in flight mode.

Know that all communications, including Bluetooth, are automatically disabled when you activate flight mode. However, most devices offer the option to enable Bluetooth even after flight mode has been activated manually.

It is possible that you cannot connect your wireless or Bluetooth headset to the entertainment system of your airline. This necessitates the usage of a wired connection.

In general, the usage of wireless headphones is not strictly forbidden. Generally, you are permitted to use them on flights. Just refrain from utilizing them during taxiing, takeoff, and landing. Additionally, confirm that your mobile device is in flight mode and all cellular connections are disabled.


1. Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones on a Plane?

Most older airplanes and low-cost carriers do not have charge ports for charging Bluetooth headphones. Nonetheless, some airlines include USB ports on select aircraft.

2. Can You Use Any Bluetooth Device on a Plane?

There will be no difficulty using Bluetooth on an airplane, even with the most popular Bluetooth products.

  • Bluetooth is permitted on airplanes; however, cellular data should be disabled.
  • Laptops: You may bring a laptop onto an aircraft and use its Bluetooth capabilities, but the laptop must be in airplane mode.
  • You are permitted to use Bluetooth mice and a keyboard on an airplane.
  • Remember that identical rules apply.

These devices cannot normally be used during takeoff and landing. After enabling airplane mode, you may need to enable Bluetooth on devices like your laptop and phone manually.

3. Is Bluetooth allowed on airplanes?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be utilized in Airplane Mode if the airline permits it. Turn each one on separately.

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