Why And How to Use Whatsapp Web ?

How to Use Whatsapp Web.

If you are here then it means you are definitely want to know What is Whats app web? How to Use Whatsapp Web? Why should we use this? Here in this article, we will discuss this briefly.

Messaging has become such an integral part of our lives. If you check on a daily basis how many people we text across various platforms, we will be stunned. The internet has made this so easy as there are innumerable platforms where you can message people in no time at all.

The amount of time that letters in the olden days used to take to send and receive letters was insane and infuriating. But, now communicating with your colleagues and personal friends is just a click away.

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As we mentioned, there are innumerable platforms to do it including email services, social media platforms, etc. However, the most famous and sought after is Whatsapp. In WhatsApp as well, the professional workers that are in the corporate sector choose Whatsapp web, as they work on their laptops and it becomes convenient for them. WhatsApp is a simple messenger application that enables you to send messages, photos, videos, documents, etc from one platform to another.

Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook. So basically Facebook is now the pioneer of the messaging industry. Another option that Whatsapp provides apart from the web option is that you can make voice and video calls as well.

To use Whatsapp you need to sign in your phone number, it is compulsory. Now Whatsapp has a business app as well and all the businessmen and women can use that to take their conversations on that. In the next section, we will discuss What Whatsapp web really is and how it can be used? So, without wasting time let’s dive into that information about this topic.

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What is Whatsapp web and why should one use it?

As we mentioned briefly about Whatsapp web and how this gives an option to use it on your desktop or laptop. Many users might want to use this option due to multiple reasons. It allows WhatsApp to be used on the web. It is known to be used on the phone ideally.

As it requires your phone number to contact and use the WhatsApp application. But, do not interpret it in the wrong way, you still need to use your phone number to use the WhatsApp web. Without your phone, it is not possible to use this feature. This option of Whatsapp web started in January 2015 on PCs.

There are many reasons why people consider Whatsapp web as a full-fledged feature for users.

People used to function on their Laptops and PCs and realized that they had to message their colleagues on Whatsapp which was a bit distracting and time-consuming. So, the WhatsApp web made it easier as they just had to change the tab and could contact them.

Another important reason was that there were important documents, photos, videos, etc that people have to shift to each other’s chat box or utilize for themselves. This made it very easy as it can be more convenient than using Gmail.

Another reason could be that Whatsapp already offers to make video calls and normal voice calls while working. It is easier to communicate on the laptop while you are working on it as well.

These are the main reasons why WhatsApp was made and people caught it in no time. They were quick to use it and are using it till now. Now that you know what Whatsapp web is and why people use it, now let’s get into how you can make full use of this feature by a simple login.

How to log into Whatsapp web and use it without any trouble?

Now, this is the most important part of the article as we will get into the steps of how you can log into the WhatsApp web. Without further ado, let’s get into the process of login and use of this. This can be done through a simple Whatsapp web scan.

Steps to use Whatsapp web

1. Firstly, move to the WhatsApp Web website. If you are using it for the first time you will come across a screen with a QR code, we will tell you how to use it in the given steps.

2. Therefore, open the WhatsApp application on your mobile as well, no matter if you are using iOS or Android. You can use Whatsapp web in both of them. Click on the Settings button then and on the right side, you will find this option. This is how you go about it in iOS.
Now, in Android, click on the three-dot option on the right side of the app.

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3. If you are an iOS user, select the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” option and then choose “Link a Device.” If you are an Android user then choose “Linked devices,” and then click on the “Link a Device” option.

4. By doing this the camera of your phone will open and you have to scan the QR code that we mentioned will show on your screen.
Once you open the web WhatsApp on your desktop choose the “keep me signed in” option. After that, whenever you open WhatsApp it will automatically give you access.

5. Once you complete the WhatsApp web download and logging-in process, you will get access to sending and receiving messages, information, photos/videos. But remember to switch on the desktop notification so you know when someone contacts you.

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If you use these steps to log in to your WhatsApp web, you will be able to access it in no time. Make sure you remember the different processes used for iOS and Android. So, you can easily use those processes and log in to your Whatsapp irrespective of the phone you are using.

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