What is Facebook Jail and how to get out of it?

What is Facebook Jail

Salute! Dear readers, have you ever been put into Facebook jail? Well, relax! This is not a real dungeon. Instead, it is a term used for a Facebook account that has been blocked or prohibited from performing various activities affiliated with that account. If you had never been to Facebook jail, consider yourself as one of the luckiest Facebook users.


Facebook is no longer a platform to communicate and promote a business, it has indeed become a renowned retronym for a virtual world where people connect and communicate using their respective accounts. But what makes it put its users into a virtual jail? How to get out of Facebook jail? We’ll answer all your queries affiliated with Facebook jail. Keep reading!


What derived this term “Facebook Jail”?

Facebook is used to transmit information pervasively. Before 2016 there was barely any oversight over the content posted on it, thus allowing dissemination of fake information along with facts. Consequently, there was a huge controversy over Facebook and the content posted on it in 2016. Factually, Facebook had a noticeable effect on the 2016 elections, making Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) face backlash.


“When there is action, there is a reaction.” You must have heard this famous extract from Newton’s third law. The same happened in 2016 with Facebook. Considering the varsity and contemporary situation, Facebook realized its content needs to be policed and monitored carefully before it gets endorsed. Eventually, Facebook updated its terms of use and conditions and prevented some users from posting and accessing their accounts. It is the short story of Facebook Jail i hope you got knowledge about it.

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What happens when a user is put into Facebook Jail?

When Facebook puts an account into Facebook Jail, the account owner will notice certain restrictions on it. One of them is the inability to receive Facebook notifications, especially when you badly need them. Check the next section to identify whether your account is free of Facebook Jail or you need to take urgent actions.


Facebook Jail restrictions highlights

  • If you are in Facebook Jail, you will not be able to post on your timelines.
  • Inability to post on other pages and groups.
  • You will not be able to like and comment on others’ posts, pictures, and videos.
  • You will be restrained from accessing your own Facebook account.


Reasons to get you into Facebook Jail

Unable to figure out the reasons and searching for “Why I am in Facebook Jail?” Chillax! Facebook has set a guideline for its users that appears up when a new account is being created. However, if any user violates the terms and conditions to use Facebook, it ends up in this or permanently losing control of that account. Here are the reasons to answer why you are on Facebook Jail.


Spamming and Posting Too Quickly

Facebook flags your account when it detects suspicious activities such as spamming and posting too quickly. It signals a bot is controlling your account, especially when the same information is repeatedly shared.

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Sharing Inappropriate and Explicit Content

If any post violates the guidelines or is inappropriate that spread hate, threats, relates to self-harm, and so on, Facebook takes control over that account.


Abusive Behavior

Using cuss words, restricted language, inappropriate phrases, and getting involved in abusive and inflammatory behavior.


Using and logging into Numerous Accounts at the same time

Logging into multiple accounts at the same time is the common behavior of bots that Facebook often prohibits.


Using a Fake Account

If you are using a fake account, the reports against it will be high in number.

Using an automated software

An automated software automatically likes and comments on posts very quickly. that’s again a signal towards an automated software or bot.


Making Fraud Payments using your Facebook Account

Using a Facebook account for fraud payments is also a trip to Facebook Jail.


How to get out of Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail can be a temporary virtual dungeon or it can last for a considerable long period. If this is a temporary blocking of your account, wait for at least 24 hours and try again. Whereas, for a permanent ban on your account, you need to file an appeal to get out of Facebook jail. Go to the Facebook help page and file an appeal by entering the required information.


How to avoid getting into this FB Jail?

  • Use genuine accounts.
  • Don’t use multiple accounts and login into them from the same device.
  • Avoid posing inappropriate content.
  • Don’t send so many Facebook requests a day. Howbeit 50 requests per day would work, but more than it can be problematic.
  • Don’t add people and pictures into spammed pictures and posts.
  • Avoid using automated software.
  • Don’t misuse your account, such as making fraudulent payments.
  • Don’t use inappropriate and abusive language.
  • Never post explicit content.


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