What is a Hydrolat – A whim or a Necessity?

What is a Hydrolat

What is hydrolat – if this sounds unusual to you, read the article and find out what hydrolat is, and why you need to have it in your cosmetic bag!

Until recently, rarely did anyone have an idea of ​​what a hydrolat is. Of course, everyone has heard of flower waters: everyone must have used rose water at least once. The tonic has also long taken its “pride of place” on the shelf for cosmetics for many women. However, any knowledgeable cosmetologist will advise you to make a choice in favor of a hydrolat: even the best lotion really cannot be compared with this tool! It moisturizes, tones, refreshes, and nourishes at the same time!

Today I want to dispel all your doubts and tell you everything I know about hydrolases. These funds are so valuable that you still cannot imagine J … So, we get acquainted with hydrolat – a new contender for a place in your cosmetic bag!


Hydrolate is a product released during the production of essential oil. The very technology of its production is called steam distillation. The steam generated when the water is heated is driven through the plant material. Turning into a liquid during condensation, it takes in all the valuable biologically active substances contained in useful plants. This is how a fragrant composition, unique in its properties, is obtained – hydrolat.

Another way to obtain hydrolat is, in fact, to obtain ethereal water, i.e. the essential oils themselves mix with water.

There are many types of hydrolases, and each of the products is valued in its own way. Hydrolates of rose, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, cornflower is considered universal, suitable for everyone. However, in the presence of certain problems with the skin of the face, it is important to find exactly “your” remedy: we will talk about this below.


The uniqueness of this tool lies in its “multifunctionality”. It can be used not only for the face but also for hair, body, eyelid skincare!

Hydrolat for hair

You can spray hydrolates directly onto washed hair, as well as mix it with other products, for example, dilute dry masks with them. In this case, the effectiveness of the composition will increase significantly. Running out of air conditioner? It doesn’t matter: it can be easily replaced by hydrolat, and the benefits will be equal. Zdorovy Dom also has hydrolates for hair care: for example, Immortelle Chocolate, Zeitun Lavender, Burdock of Krasno Polyanskaya Cosmetics.

Hydrolat for eyelid skin

 This perfectly copes with swelling, inflammation, dark circles under the eyes.

Hydrolat for the face

So, how to use hydrolat for facial care? There are several options here. In the sultry heat, it is important to carry the hydrolat with you: there was a desire to freshen up – I took it out of my purse and sprayed it on the skin. You can wipe your face by applying the liquid on a cotton pad after removing your makeup. Some people freeze hydrolates in a mold and rub them with ice cubes: this tones and refreshes. When making steam baths, do not be lazy to add a little hydrolate to the water: this will increase the efficiency of the process.


In order not to fall for the bait of an unscrupulous manufacturer, when choosing hydrolates, be sure to keep in mind the following:

  • Hydrolate and hunk water prices can range from very minimal to quite high. The cost can depend on many factors, incl. “Promotion” of the brand. Therefore, do not be intimidated by budget options for hydrolates, this tool belongs to the category of products where the price is not responsible for quality. The main thing is to study composition.
  • High-quality hydrolat always consists only of natural ingredients. Natural hydrolat never contains synthetic additives, fragrances, or dyes.
  • If you see the inscription “distillate” or “hydrolat” on the label, then most likely this product was obtained by the first method – steam distillation.
  • If studying the composition, you saw that it contains water, ethyl alcohol, and essential oil, this indicates that this product was made in the second way, and may be called Essential water. In this case, you should make sure that there are no fragrances in the composition.

These are the basic rules for choosing any hydrolat. But the most important thing is to choose the right cosmetic for your skin type. Only then will its application give the most positive result. So we got to the most important thing: how to determine which facial hydrolat will actually be effective for you?

  • If you have combination skin, for example, the T-zone quickly becomes oily, unlike other areas, you need universal hydrolates. These include coriander, neroli, green tea, and sage.
  • Do you often experience facial irritation, allergic reactions? This means you have sensitive skin. Hydrolates of rose, chamomile, witch hazel, and jasmine will help to calm and moisturize it.
  • The presence of acne indicates that you have skin. The best option, in this case, would be the choice of hydrolates based on tea tree, lemon balm, rosemary, mint, coriander, chamomile, and other herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Are you constantly struggling with blackheads, enlarged pores, oily sheen? So you have oily skin. Care for such skin should be done carefully. It is important not only to provide deep cleansing but also to choose products that normalize the water balance. Hydrolates of sage, wormwood, neroli, mint, pine, rosemary, and lemon balm will cope with this task.
  • Constantly tormented by a feeling of tightness? You have dry or dehydrated skin. Feel free to choose hydrolases based on rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine.
    Many products from our catalog are suitable for happy owners of normal skin: verbena, green tea, calendula, lavender, and others.
  • For mature ladies, I recommend hydrolates that prevent the aging process, give the skin tone and elasticity. Opt for lime, ginseng, lavender, fir, rose, ginger, or lemon balm.
  • For those who are worried about rosacea or problems with capillaries on the face, it is better to use hydrolates of rose, neroli, chamomile or witch hazel .

Of course, don’t forget about the most delicate areas: the skin around the eyes! To care for her, purchase hydrolates of linden, parsley, or cornflower. If you suffer from eye puffiness in the morning, apply compresses: apply the funds to cotton pads and apply on closed eyelids for a few minutes. The result will not belong incoming! I hope I have answered your question in detail on how to choose the right facial hydrolat.


At Zdorovy Dom you will find a wide selection of hydrolates: you may be confused about which brand to choose. I’ll tell you a secret about which brands are especially popular this season:

Hydrolates Makosh

The catalog contains tonics from rosemary, witch hazel, and cornflower from this manufacturer. Regular customers praise these products and do not change their preferences. Freshness, well-groomed, healthy skin is guaranteed with Makosh products!

Zeitun brand hydrolates

Made according to ancient Arabic recipes, undoubtedly deserve attention. Neroli, hibiscus, lemon balm, nettle, ivy, fir, wormwood, tea tree, sandalwood, rose: you will certainly choose a hydrolat according to your skin characteristics!

Spivak flower waters

have also proven themselves well: lavender, pink, orange water, and other types of products from this brand are waiting for you on the pages of our catalogs and in the store itself!

Levana gyrolates

Exploded in sales in May 2017. Cornflower and rose hydrolat were especially popular.

Russian cosmetics KLEONA (Kleona)

Recently appeared in our store and instantly became the favorite of many of our customers. The range of this brand includes such exclusive floral waters as – ginger hydrolate that protects hair from, coriander hydrolate has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin, hydrolate such as kewra water uses as antioxidant and parsley hydrolate (able to whiten the skin of the face and lighten freckles).

Popular Hydrolat and such leading ekobrendov as Miko, Chocolate, Workshop O. Mustaeva, Krasno Polyanskaya cosmetics. Browse the products, read the product cards, information about the history of the development of these companies, and make your choice.

My heart was captured by the hydrolates of my favorite Italian brand Argital, this novelty has already appeared in our store. These funds are just obtained by the second method – by mixing essential oils with water and have an absolutely natural composition. On the Russian market, Argital hydrolates are one of the few that are essential waters from essential oils. Marked with a BDIH certificate, which indicates their organic composition. High concentration (up to 6%!) Of such gorgeous plants as rosemary, rose, neroli, lavender, jasmine, and chamomile.

Essential water Argital, – an ideal product for skin toning, especially in the summer. A huge number of ways of application: for targeted work, and for improving the skin, and for course therapy, as well as perfume and aromatherapy, can be diluted at will. In summer, you can use these floral waters after showering or take them to the beach to relieve sun-warmed skin.

Give your skin a second wind: let the hydrolat become your constant companion because it fits easily into even the tiniest handbag!

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