Minecraft: Curse of Vanishing- What does Curse of Vanishing do?

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While talking about Minecraft, you just can’t avoid its amazing features that the players can avail when they are playing the game. Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment in Minecraft. With curse of vanishing, players in Minecraft are allowed to curse on any item while playing the game.

But exactly, what does curse of vanishing do? Those who regularly play Minecraft, will definitely be aware of this magic. But those who are new in this game, might want to know about the Minecraft curse of vanishing.

 This guide will tell you everything about the curse of vanishing in Minecraft gaming world.  


What is Curse of Vanishing? – Know Everything about It

 You will find out two different curses in Minecraft gaming world. One is the curse of binding and another is the curse of vanishing. Now, the curse of vanishing is one the rarest curses in Minecraft gaming world. With the curse of vanishing, you will be able to do an enchantment on any item in Minecraft game. The item will disappear from your inventory at the time of your death.    

What is Curse of Vanishing

What does curse of vanishing do in Minecraft?

 The main task of the curse of vanishing in Minecraft gaming world is to remove or vanish the enchanted items forever from the game. So, you can say that the players has to sacrifice the item from their inventory forever.

You are able to make use this enchantment on several weapons. You have to arrange them first in the game order, captivating table or in the block of the iron. After that, you will be able to let the curse those items. The weapons on which you can use the curse are swords, shovels, bow, shields, axes, hoe, fishing rods and a lot more.

You can also cast this spell on the tool of the players. In this way, the players end upon losing this tool. But you have to remember that curse of vanishing in Minecraft will only appear

during a chest loot. It will also only work when a player is dying. The enchanted weapon will not drop as usual after the player is dead.    


The thing is you can apply this magic on other items in Minecraft. The best part is when you do want the access of others in your items, you can use the curse.

Is it possible to get rid of the curse of vanishing

Is it possible to get rid of the curse of vanishing?

 In general, when you die in Minecraft, the item drops after your death. But, it is not the same case when you use the curse of vanishing. The cursed item will vanish from your inventory forever. So, you might want to know how to get rid of curse of vanishing.

How to Remove Curse of Vanishing

Well, you can’t remove the COV even if you have the grindstone. One thing you can do is that you can set your Minecraft world rules to the option ‘Keep inventory True’. This way the curse of vanishing will not work.        

  Also, you can find the exact same item to the cursed one and get it by using the recipe with which you got the item for the first time. You the crafting is done, you can merge the cursed and the normal item in the crafting table. This another way you can remove the COV in Minecraft gaming world. Besides, you can apply this trick to repair the damaged item in Minecraft.


 1. Can you remove curse of vanishing?

 Yes, you can remove the COV in Minecraft very easily. You just have to find out the exact same thing which is vanished by the curse. You need to go to the crafting table and you have to craft the thing in the same process by which you made it in former times.         


2. Can you get rid of curse of vanishing?

 Even if you have a grindstone, you can’t get rid of COV but If you find out that a pumpkin or mob head is cursed, then you can place and break the head in order to remove the curse.


3. What does curse of vanishing do in Minecraft?

 With the Curse of Vanishing, you can curse any item in Minecraft. When you curse the item, it will vanish at the time of the death of a player in the game. When you use the curse of vanishing in Minecraft, it is not dropped when the players die.


4. Is Curse of Vanishing good for the players?

 The COV  in Minecraft benefits the players. If a player uses the curse of vanishing, the item will be removed from their inventory. So, even if he or she dies, the other players can’t have the access to it.


To Wrap It Up

 Minecraft is a world where you can discover so many amazing things. This game lets its users to do all those things that they can apply while they are playing.

Vanishing enchantment  can also be used by the players at times when they need it the most.

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