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What is a Virtual Retreat?

A retreat in general, like a corporate retreat, company retreat, or business retreat, refers to a gathering that is centered on team building and informal interaction between the employees while still retaining the professional environment. The purpose of a retreat is to enhance the teamwork and morale of your employees. You can dedicate some time to discuss your company’s goals, mission, and workflow, while some time can be dedicated to engaging in different activities.

However, when talking about a virtual retreat, the only thing that changes is the venue. In a virtual retreat, the event happens over a virtual event platform. There are various advantages of shifting towards an online format of executing significant corporate events. However, the biggest advantage is that you can reach your target audience present across the globe.

Let’s move ahead and explore the steps to hosting a successful Virtual Retreat.

How to Host a Virtual Team Retreat

Follow the 6 steps mentioned below to organize an efficient online team retreat:

#1 Choose the Right Time and Date

Choosing the most suitable date and time for your virtual event is one of the most important decisions to make. Another advantage of shifting to an online format of the event is that you don’t have to plan out on multiple prospects while deciding the time. It is so because all your employees can attend the event from any remote location. Still, what you need to plan is the right time zone for your global attendees. Also, make sure that your event doesn’t get lined up with any other prominent industry-related event.

#2 Plan Everything in Advance

Planning and strategizing the event is another integral part that can ensure the success of your event. If your attendees belong to different time zones, planning has to play a big role. Smooth execution of your virtual retreat depends on the advance planning of a lot of things like:

  • Content
  • Virtual Retreat Agenda
  • Schedule
  • Games & activities
  • Event technology solution
  • And many internal aspects.

#3 Set Clear Goals

The idea behind organizing a virtual retreat is to take some time out of your regular office time and relax. Also, while having vivid time with your colleagues, you can think and discuss the future corporate goals. Well, this is the overall goal of a virtual retreat. However, it is important to set internal goals to ensure the smooth execution of your online event. Make sure you don’t forget to keep the attendee engagement and interaction in mind while planning the goals of your event. It is so as these are the two aspects that are vital for the success of your online retreat.

#4 Choose the right Virtual Event Platform

Choosing the most suitable virtual event platform is a significant aspect that determines the efficiency of your online event. A virtual event platform is well-resourced with top features to meet your event’s requirements. After setting up your goals, choose the virtual venue that ensures you accomplish those goals. Dreamcast is one of the best virtual event platforms that provides you with countless engagement and networking features like:

  • Multi-Format Communication
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Gamification
  • Engagement Zone
  • Immersive 3D Environment
  • 1:1 and group audio & video chat
  • Virtual Photo Booths
  • Social & Signature Wall
  • And a lot more.

#5 Include Top Interactive Elements

The goal of a virtual retreat can only be met if you create an interactive event. If nobody interacts or communicates at the online event, what is even the point of organizing a retreat? Therefore make sure you include as many interactive features as possible. An advanced virtual event platform provides you with various interactive tools that help you keep your attendees engaged throughout the event.

#6 Accumulate Valuable Feedback

After your virtual event has ended, don’t forget to collect feedback from your attendees. It provides you with a greater insight into the event and helps you understand the efficacy of your event strategies. With the help of the collected feedback, you can also plan your future virtual retreat more efficiently.

Let’s move ahead to explore some of the top virtual retreat activity ideas:

Virtual Retreat Ideas:

virtual retreat ideas

#1 Virtual Trip/Tour

A virtual tour is one of the best virtual retreat ideas to ensure engagement at your online event. Many travel and tourism companies have gone online and are providing virtual tours of world-famous sites. You can keep a session dedicated to this engaging activity.

#2 Virtual Bingo

Another excellent virtual retreat idea is to play a virtual retreat bingo. It is important to keep your attendees engaged throughout to make the most out of your virtual retreat. You can also create teams and they will have to connect five squares vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the bingo frame.

#3 An Award Show

Organizing an award show session at your virtual retreat is an excellent way to recognize the hard work and talent of your employees. It can be a great virtual retreat activity idea that can effectively engage your employees and ensure the success of your online event. You can also keep the theme of your virtual award show around the office.

#4 Virtual Escape Room

Various escape room companies have shifted to online platforms. Playing virtual escape room games can help your attendees interact and strengthen their bond while solving puzzles to get out of the game room. A virtual escape room is yet another efficient idea to make the most out of your virtual retreat. Therefore, get in touch with an advanced virtual event platform to know if they provide such integration facilities.

#5 Virtual Entertainment Session

Organizing fun entertainment can enhance the fun and excitement at your online retreat. This entertainment session can be anything you want it to be. You can either invite a professional talent or organize a talent show like musical, open-mic, or even a dance competition. A fun entertainment session can not only entertain your attendees but also keep them engaged for the longest time.

Bring all these tips and best practices together to host a successful Virtual Retreat. For further assistance, Check Tips on The Mashtun today!

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