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You can shuffle a Spotify playlist easily by tapping on the shuffle icon at the bottom of the display. If you use a phone or a PC, the method of shuffling a Spotify playlist is approximately similar. Once you shuffle a Spotify playlist, all songs will begin playing randomly. Thus, it can offer a different experience every time.

It is as simple as tapping on a button. You can easily do this and enjoy the songs in random order. It does not matter which type of device you use as it is very simple to shuffle. If you want to hear songs, try to keep your Spotify on shuffle. Thus, you can discover new music. In addition, it enables you to hear the songs you have always wished to hear.

A shuffle mode on a long drive is the most effective process to hear songs and enjoy the long drive. Remember that it is a basic feature of this music app. With the help of the mode, you can avoid repeatedly listening to similar songs. 

How To Enable Spotify Shuffle Mode

  • If you want to enable the shuffle mode, your first task is to allow the PC or Mac computer. Next, you should launch the desktop app. 
  • Your job is to find the album or playlist you want to hear. Then, you should hit the shuffle icon at the display bottom. You can find the icon appearing as two overlapping arrows.
  • Finally, you can see the shuffle button turned green while enabled. 

How To Shuffle A Spotify Playlist In The Desktop App

You should go through these steps to shuffle a Spotify playlist in the PC app. 

  • Whether you are willing to shuffle a Spotify playlist in the desktop app, you should first open the application on the Mac or PC.
  • Then, look for the playlist to go to. Instead, you can choose it from the list in the left sidebar.
  • After that, your task is to hit the large green “Play” button at the display top to start playing your playlist. You can tap twice on a song title.
  • At last, you should hit the shuffle icon at the display bottom. You can find the icon appearing as two arrows crossing over each other. If the shuffle mode is off, you will find it white. Once the mode is on, it will turn green. However, to disable shuffling, tap on it again. 

How To Shuffle A Spotify Playlist On The Mobile App

The steps you need to follow to shuffle a Spotify playlist on the mobile app are as follows:-

  • Your first task is to open the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device. 
  • Then, find a playlist and head toward it. You can choose it from your library.
  • If you want to start playing your playlist, you should hit the large green “Shuffle Play” button at the display top. You can tap on a specific song.
  • Whether you use Spotify Premium, click on the “Now Playing” bar at the display bottom. It displays which song you have been listening to recently. Click on the album artwork on the left-hand side if you have an iPad mobile app. 
  • Finally, you should hit the shuffle icon at the display bottom adjacent to the rewind button. You can find the icon appearing as two arrows crossing over each other. When the shuffle mode is off, you can see it white. But while the mode is on, it will turn green. 

What To Do If Spotify Is Stuck On Shuffle?

Sometimes, you may need to disable the shuffle option. But still, you can see the songs playing in shuffle mode. Hence, we have given a few methods to solve the problem.  A few examples exist where playlists on Spotify get stuck on shuffle even while having a Premium account. It might be a programming error within the app.

We don’t expect Spotify to work. You can perform these fixes based on the location you are encountering the problem. For playlists and albums: In this case, tap twice on the first song. All Spotify playlists play on it by default. If you want to play them in order, try to tap twice on it. 

For playlists without shuffle control (e.g., daily mixes): Hence, you need to return to the earlier playlist and disable the shuffle play.  You should know that playlists made automatically inherit the settings from the last playback, like daily mixes. If nothing works, you should reboot the application. 

Sometimes this platform can collect unnecessary bugs in the cache, causing problems like being stuck on shuffle. Rebooting the application can bring it to a clean slate. Instead of where you encounter the problem, there might be reasons why you can disable the shuffle playback. In this case, you can see Spotify shuffling too random or not random enough according to your requirements.

Spotify – The Music App:

It is a Swedish music streaming and media solutions company. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon created it on April 23, 2006. As of September 2021, Spotify had more than 381 million monthly active users with 172 million paying members. Thus, it has become the biggest music streaming service provider worldwide. 

In addition, it is traded on the New York Stock Market as American depositary receipts. Hence, Spotify Technology S.A., a Luxembourg City-based holding company, incorporated it. 

As of July 2021, this platform is available in many countries of Europe. Besides, it is available in the Americas, Oceania, and over forty African nations like South Africa and Mauritius. Moreover, the people of Asia also get it. 

By the end of 2021, it is anticipated to be available in one hundred and seventy-eight countries. Several new devices including Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops, iOS and Android mobiles, tablets, and AI-enabled smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, support this service.

How To Shuffle A Playlist On Spotify Xbox?

A few music apps can be used while gaming. Therefore, hearing music while playing games has now become simpler. Xbox comes with a few music apps within it. Examples of these music apps are Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. Follow these steps to shuffle a playlist on Spotify Xbox. 

  • Your first task is looking for the App Store Portal music app on your Xbox. 
  • Once you search for this, your job is to sign into the account.
  • Then, you should launch the music app. Next, switch to the game you want. 
  • Once you choose Spotify, you can see the basic controls for tracks, including skipping, pausing, and playing. It can be an option to shuffle. 
  • At last, hit the Shuffle icon to play the songs in shuffle mode. 

How To Shuffle A Playlist On Spotify 2021?

Whether you use the phone app without the premium account, it is essential to know that a few playlists can be played only in Shuffle mode.

It is possible to detect such playlists as they will begin with a record of who the playlist features. Go through these steps to shuffle a playlist on this platform. 

  • Your first task is to navigate to the Spotify app and open it thereafter on your device— an iPhone or an Android. 
  • Head toward the playlist or the album you wish to listen to. You may find the playlist you want or select the playlists given by Spotify. 
  • After that, hit the “Shuffle Play” button under the respective playlist or the album. 
  • Whether you use a premium account, shuffle the album or the playlist. Hence, you should hit the shuffle icon next to the “now playing” bar at the display bottom. 


1. Is Spotify Shuffle Random?

Yes, but it relies on how you describe the term ‘random.’ It had the Fisher-Yates shuffle indicating every song had an equal chance of coming up next.

Although it is an actual definition of ‘random,’ it can create issues for Shuffle users. Suppose you have five Beyonce songs and five Drake songs in a playlist. Therefore, you might see Single Ladies and Crazy in Love, respectively, followed by Hotline Bling and In My Feelings.

But it isn’t ideal as the shuffling point is to mix up the musical experience between all artists on a playlist. Whether you want a smoother listening experience, try to group music into playlists depending on the genre, mood, purpose, or season. If necessary, you can see any Spotify playlist name idea. 

In 2014, an engineer named Lukáš Poláček coded a shuffle algorithm to combat this. It helps to distribute songs from similar artists throughout the playlist length. Therefore, there is no chance to get over one song in a row from a similar artist with the algorithm. 

2. Where did the shuffle button go on Spotify?

Users will see a separate Play Button and a Shuffle Button at the top of albums and playlists. These help users to play the music they want. 

3. Can you shuffle all your playlists on Spotify?

It is possible to do it on the PC version of Spotify by shuffling your ‘library.’ But it isn’t a choice for you to do on the iPhone app.

4. Is Spotify free or paid?

Unlike Apple Music, the platform can deliver a free ad-supported version of its service. 

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