Top 7 Features to Evaluate During RXNT EHR Demo

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RXNT EHR Software – An Overview

RXNT is a provider of cloud-based medical software for various types of healthcare facilities, from small offices to extensive hospitals. A Practice Management solution, Medical Billing Software, an e-Prescribing tool, and a Patient Portal integrate within the RXNT EHR Software.

RXNT EHR Software is well-known among healthcare professionals for successfully modernizing medical operations by balancing organizational and clinical tasks. RXNT’s cloud-based interface is user-friendly and cost-effective. You can use the software at any time and from any location. Moving to RXNT also gives you access to a wide range of tools and possibilities.


RXNT provides an EHR demo you must schedule before you buy the software. The current users also recommend getting a demo before purchasing the software as it impacts your final decision. During the demo, you can dig deeper and explore the software thoroughly in a live healthcare environment. Altogether, you can better assess the software this way.

This article uncovers several of the essential RXNT EHR features you can see during the RXNT EHR demo. 

Patient Portal

RXNT provides a patient portal that you and your patients can use to make your operations run smoothly. When patients connect to their treatment outside of immediate therapy, your healthcare practice achieves better results. Furthermore, healthcare organizations profit from increased productivity when patients have access to various tools and services while on the go.

Patients can use the patient portal to access their appointment schedules, medications, lab results, and payment information. Moreover, patients can utilize the portal to contact you regarding their health. Overall, the patient portal allows you to increase the efficiency of your practice. You can also go through other aspects of the portal during the RXNT EHR demo.

Customizable Templates

RXNT EHR Software offers personalized templates to help you streamline your documentation workflow. These pre-made templates make the switch from paper to digital records easier for your clinic. RXNT is particularly well-known for its specialty-specific templates, which can assist you in making the best use of your clinical time. You can also evaluate custom templates during the demo!

e-Prescription Feature

RXNT offers e-Prescription software that can help your company save time and money. Furthermore, the e-Prescription tool ensures that patients receive their prescriptions without any error.

In general, RXNT e-Prescription software provides cost-effective flexibility, safety, and convenience. Furthermore, this feature is well-known for giving patients tailored prescriptions, resulting in better patient care and clinical success. The RXNT EHR demo allows you to experiment with the e-prescription capability in a real-world healthcare context.

Practice Management Software

The practice management system collaborates with RXNT EHR Software to help you automate organizational chores that were formerly time-consuming and costly. As a result, the practice management system lessens your administrative workload while also assisting you in increasing clinical effectiveness.
The Billing and Scheduling component of the practice management system increases productivity and efficiency. RXNT EHR and Practice Management Software work together to optimize workflow and streamline activities.

Integrated Medical Billing Software

RXNT also provides medical billing software capabilities that help your practice’s billing procedure. Furthermore, it allows you to devote more time to patient care instead of financial issues.

Because RXNT connects with clearinghouse services, you won’t have to spend time on claims, acquire payments, or go to another program to verify claim or payment status. With this powerful function, you can also receive payments at the moment of check-in, check-out, or online patient bill pay.

Telehealth Feature

RXNT’s Telehealth function helps your clinic minimize unwanted exposure to at-risk patients. In addition, telehealth technologies come very handy in situations like COVID-19 since they allow you to consult appointments virtually.

RXNT Telehealth allows you to work as remotely as possible. The program will enable you to register virtual patient visits and produce simple invoices for your healthcare practice. It is also more convenient for your patients because they may receive assistance from the comfort of their own homes. This is another vital feature to keep an eye out for during the RXNT EHR demo.


RXNT supports you in attaining interoperability using its EHR Software. The RXNT EHR interfaces with several applications, including the Practice Management System, medical billing software, and other healthcare platforms. The integration helps to increase care quality while also streamlining your workflow.
Interoperability enables you to exchange real-time patient data and make appropriate referrals without the need for additional phone calls or emails. During the EHR demo, you can dig deeper into the benefits of interoperability.


RXNT Software provides cost-effective solutions to a variety of practice needs. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available for the software. An annual EHR membership costs $900, whereas a monthly EHR subscription costs $85. The whole package, including Practice Management Software, is also available for $320 per month or $2,500 per year.

The RXNT EHR Software pricing includes setup, training, and continuing support. This guarantees that your company has the resources it needs to get the most out of the program.

RXNT EHR Software – Current Users’ Perspective


The software is user-friendly and straightforward to use, according to RXNT EHR reviews. As a result, the integrated suite can aid both medical practitioners and patients. In addition, users specifically praise the charting method that aids in the efficiency of your process.


Some users argue that the top-rated EHR system’s various drop-down menus make it challenging for them to navigate. Furthermore, appointments should be color-coded to speed up the appointment scheduling process.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that our comprehensive software review for RXNT EHR will help you decide in a better way. Each specialty in medicine is separate and hence has its own set of standards. To see if the software fulfills your needs, develop a list before scheduling an RXNT EHR demo. From the perspective of current users, we also suggest that you read different RXNT reviews to understand the software. Good Luck!

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