Everything about Tomodachi Life Personalities- Guide for the Players

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You will find Tomodachi Life personalities in a simulation video game called Tomodachi Life. This game was launched by Nintendo SPD for Nintendo 3Ds, where you, as a player can re-create the Mii personalities who are the ‘look-alikes’ of yours.

In Tomodachi Collection, all Tomodachi Life personalities behave in a way as they are featured or re-created. There is a Mii Maker in the game Tomodachi Life, who will take a quiz in order to determine the personality of a Mii. In that quiz, you have to give the information about your look-alike characters and every Mii will have the same personality based upon the data that you have given in the quiz.

Tomodachi Life personalities can be of several kinds and they are made upon main 5 traits. These traits will tell the Tomodachi Life Miis how the character will be or how the characters act in the 3D game.

You can take this article as a guide to the players about personalities in Tomodachi Life. Read and know more about the Tomodachi Life personalities.

Tomodachi Life Personalities Guide- Facts You Should Know Before Playing the Game

 Before starting the discussion, I must tell you that you should not confuse the game Tomodachi Life with the Tamagotchi Life Nintendo switch. Tamagotchi is the name of the digital pet of Bandai classic virtual. The meaning of the name in English is ‘egg watcher’. However, if you want to translate Tomodachi in English, it simply indicates ‘friends’.

Tomodachi Life, the social simulation 3D video game actually takes place on an island. Several Mii personalities are the inhabitants of that island. Each and every Mii holds a different kind of personality and they can also act differently like a normal human being. For example, I can say that they are able to eat, wear various outfits, roam around the island and even enjoy their leisure time.

When you increase the number of inhabitants or the Mii personalities, they will begin more interactions and exchanges with each other. They will get emotions such as rivalry, friendship, romance, and even some strange musical numbers.

Tomodachi Life: What personalities fall in love?
Tomodachi Life: What personalities fall in love?

 Tomodachi Life: What personalities fall in love?

  In the game, Tomodachi Life, a male, and a female Mii can get attracted to each other in two different ways. The first method is known in the game is the love confession. If a Mii develops a feeling for another Mii, he or she can confess his or her love to the other personality. When the other personality accepts the love, the two Miis can start dating each other.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to force anyone to fall in love with. You are only allowed to determine who the Miis can become friends with. In Tomodachi Life, only the opposite sex personalities are allowed to romance with each other. You need Tomodachi Life personality matches for that.

In Tomodachi Life, personalities that go together can become best friends and can also get married to each other. As personalities of the Miis do matter in the 3D game Tomodachi life, you have to find out Tomodachi Life compatible personalities in order to allow them to live together. For example, I can say that a relaxed, empathetic, and open-minded personality will be the best match for a Dreamer in Tomodachi Life.

Lone Wolf Personality in Tomodachi Life: how a lone wolf personality can be described in the game?
Lone Wolf Personality in Tomodachi Life: how a lone wolf personality can be described in the game?

Lone Wolf Personality in Tomodachi Life: how a lone wolf personality can be described in the game?

 In the game, a lone wolf is perhaps the most creative, reserved, and self-reliant character. A mole or a female lone wolf can do his or her own things and they have the capacity to think something different. They are also individual and highly self-confident.

Tomodachi Life Personality Chart: Character Personality Sheet
Tomodachi Life Personality Chart: Character Personality Sheet

Tomodachi Life Personality Chart: Character Personality Sheet

 There are 4 categories actually.





These 4 categories have 4 subcategories each.


  1. Softie
  2. Optimist
  3. Buddy
  4. Dreamer


  1. Free Spirit
  2. Lone Wolf
  3. Artist
  4. Thinker


  1. Trendsetter
  2. Entertainer
  3. Charmer
  4. Leader


  1. Designer
  2. Adventurer
  3. Brainiac
  4. Go-getter

Tomodachi Life is a big hit and successful as a 3d video game. Players have reported that they feel nostalgic about the game they would love to experience this game, Tomodachi Life on the switch. They also have said that it is a cute game and fun to play.

Play with Fun

So, for those who have just begun to play the game, this article can be really helpful for you. Trust me! Once you start playing the game, you will get addicted to it.


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