Do you know what’s revolutionizing website design?

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The Internet made it big 25 years ago. Websites were a new concept back then. Did you know that anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML and programming could design a somewhat functional website in 1996 and have it drive droves of traffic? What was even more amazing was that many of these websites managed to sell brands. But that was back then. That same formula won’t work now. Website design technology is always changing and you’ll learn about the trends that are going to revolutionize website design over the next few years.

The next generation of websites will talk to you

Yes, the website design of the future will involve interactive communication. They’ll do this through chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI.) Don’t laugh, this isn’t Franke science, it’s IT at its best. You can already see this starting to occur. If you have ever visited a furniture website, you probably noticed a chat box suddenly pop up the minute you landed on the site. This is a chatbox. It allows you to interact with others quickly and virtually. Website Designing is the best form of website development and there are many tools and software for Graphic Designing that will make help massive website design.
Here’s something even more amazing. The chatbot market is expected to be worth $1.23 billion by the end of 2025. In fact, a whopping 80% of people who look for things online have already chatted with someone using a chatbot.
You’ll be able to have your questions answered and your issues resolved in a few seconds because chatbots will return the appropriate answers at the speed of light (literally.) This promises to make entire tech support and customer service departments useless. Now, you won’t have to face the headaches of staying on the phone for several minutes to a few hours in the attempt to talk to someone or something!

Siri will get more sophisticated

If you own a laptop or smartphone, you know Siri. She’s an old friend. Well, expect technologies like her to be used more often on websites. They’ll become an integral part of website design and they’ll become much more sophisticated. For example, voice interactive services like Siri or Alexa will become personalized and customized.
People will feel as though they’re talking to a real person. In fact, they may be using technologies like Siri to make voice queries when searching for things online. People do this now when they search for certain phrases and sentences that have keywords in Google.
Of course, the Siri or other interactive technology of the future will be smart. It will be able to tell if you’re asking a particular question or making a statement. Right now if you ask Siri about your dad, she will literally say, “I don’t know who your father is, in fact, I don’t know who you are.” The voice technologies of the future will be smarter. They will be able to tell you exactly who your father is.

They will also go one step ahead of Alexa.

Right now if you ask Alexa a question, it will scan various online sources in search of the right answer. In the future, these technologies will know exactly where to go online to look for this information. They will then be able to deliver the right answer to you in a few nanoseconds.
It’s this kind of technology that will become a fundamental and integral part of web design that will revolutionize the nature of web pages and web design. Now, pages will no longer be static sources of content that are occasionally changed. They’ll be dynamic and always able to respond to the next question. They’ll do so aptly, Also be able to adapt to changes quickly and with little effort!

Websites will be able to see the future

Forget about the crystal ball, you’ll be able to see the future with a website in a few years. What this means is that websites will get smarter. It’ll start with the layout, content, and design of a website. The websites of the future will be able to predict exactly what you’re looking for in a website in terms of content, layout, and design. They’ll respond accordingly. In this sense, the same website will look different in terms of layout, design, and content for two different people.
This combined with chatbots, AI, and taking technologies like Siri will transform websites and pages from static sources of information to interactive entities that can communicate with and engage the user. In short, they’ll become virtual personal assistants or professional friends!
If you guessed that this will help e-commerce sites sell much more, you’re right

Augmented reality

This puts the user in control. It’s a virtual reality on steroids. Augmented reality takes the user’s surroundings and realities into consideration and responds accordingly. For example, if you were to walk by a clothing store, you may be pleasantly surprised to see an online catalog and irresistible offers suddenly pop up on your smartphone. This may motivate you to enter into and make purchases from a store that you previously wouldn’t have even noticed!

Websites will be like electronic people

The technologies of the future are transforming websites from a collection of pages with content that’s rarely updated and talks to the visitor to electronic entities that are capable of interacting and communicating with people on a personal level. In this sense, the websites of the future will be like electronic people!
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