Little Nightmare 2 Hats- A Guide For All

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Hi, gamers! Looking for a guide to search for the Little Nightmares 2 hats? You see, Little Nightmare 2 is a horror adventure game and it has gained immense popularity over the years. There are a variety of characters in the game and this game allows the players to collect or gather a wide range of things.

Well, among the collectible items, there are various types of hats as well.  Wait for a second, the hats in Little Nightmares 2 are not just common random hats. They are special items and also hidden anywhere in the city.

Keep in mind that you can’t find all hats in Little Nightmares 2 at the beginning. But, when the game goes further, you will find out the Little Nightmares 2 hat locations one-by-one.

So, where are all the hats in Little Nightmares 2? You have to read the article to the end in search of the answer.



Little Nightmares 2: All Hats Locations

Little Nightmares DLC walkthrough allows you to find out the various hats in several mysterious locations. With Little Nightmares 2 DLC, previously, you could only get the hat of Nome in Little Nightmares. But now, you can automatically access Mokujin’s Hat if you have purchased the game.

Do not know who is Mono in Little Nightmares? Well, one who is new to the game might not be aware of Mono. In Little Nightmares 2, Mono is the hero of the game. You have to search the hats for Mono only.

In chapter 1, you have to chase a Nome in Little Nightmares 2. You can find out that the Nome will run to your right. But you have to chase the Nome to its left side. Yes. That is the thumb rule. In Little Nightmares, Nomes lead you to the path where you get the Nome’s Hat.  A Nome’s hat is also known as the Russian hat name in Little Nightmare 2.

Okay! So let’s get it very straight. There are 4 chapters in Little Nightmare 2. You have to find out the hats in all 4 chapters.

Little Nightmare 2 Wilderness Hats
Little Nightmare 2 Wilderness Hats

Chapter 1- Little Nightmare 2 Wilderness Hats

  1. Raccoon Hat- you will find it in a left side room of a hallway in a house.
  2. Nome Hat- you will find it out at the Nome’s Attic DLC.
  3. Rain Hat- you will find the hat in a cage.

In Little Nightmares 2, a hunter is the main villain in the 1st chapter. You have to face the hunter in Little Nightmares 2 while you are searching for the 3 special hats.

Little Nightmare 2 School Hats
Little Nightmare 2 School Hats

Chapter 2- Little Nightmare 2 School Hats

  1. Soccer ball Hat- find it out in a playground of a school.
  2. Tin Can Hat- find the hat in the library.

Little Nightmares 2 Hospital Hats    
Little Nightmares 2 Hospital Hats

Chapter 3- Little Nightmares 2 Hospital Hats                               

  1.  Teddy Bear Hat- you will get the hat in the nursery of the hospital.
  2. Bandage Hat- you will get the hat in the morgue of the hospital. The Bandage hat is also called the mummy hat.

Remember that in the 3rd chapter of this game, you have to encounter the 3rd antagonist. In the game, Little Nightmares 2, a doctor is the main villain with whom you have to fight. You can reach the morgue and collect the Bandage Hat, only after you have encountered the doctor in Little Nightmares 2 successfully.

Chapter 4- Little Nightmare 2 Pale City Hats

  1.  Mail Carrier Hat- you will get the mail carrier hat in an air duct which is hidden in a wall. This hat is also called the postman hat or mailman hat.
  2. Newsie Hat- you will get the Newsie Hat in a shopping store in Pale City. The Newsie Hat or the Newsboy cap is kept in the left corner of the shelves.

   Little Nightmares 2: Monsters That You have to Encounter

Little Nightmares 2: Monsters That You have to Encounter

Little Nightmares 2: Monsters That You have to Encounter

  1.  There are mainly 10 monsters in the game Little Nightmares 2. All of them are perhaps the creepiest monsters ever that I can experience in a gaming world.The Thin Man- He is none but the Mono with an elder version of him. The Thin Man is the creepiest monster ever in the game.
  2. The Patients- When you face the patients, it may seem to you that the most horrible nightmare has come true. But, their only weakness is light. That is why Mono has to arm himself with a flashlight while he makes his way through the army of these creepy creatures.
  3. The Teacher- She is a monster with an endless stretchable neck. She can find out Mono by bending her stretchable neck and breaking the objects in the school.
  4. Six- Six becomes a creepy monster towards the end of the game Little Nightmares 2.
  5. The Viewers- They were once normal citizens. But they were deeply addicted to Television broadcasts and they end up dying. You can find the viewers on every rooftop. They are seen staring at the signal.
  6. The Living Hands- These things are perhaps the hands of the patients who were died at the hospital. The living hands, moving like spiders make them scary.
  7. The Doctor- The doctor only tries to help the patients, but in the end, he is doing nothing but creating the monsters in the hospital.
  8. The Bullies- They are horrible and the scariest of all. They even envy the hunters as well.
  9. The Hunter- He is the first enemy that Mono has to encounter.
  10. The Flesh Walls- they are only seen at the end of the game. They are really hard to ignore.

To Sum It Up

With Little Nightmare 2, be ready to experience the eerie atmosphere of the game. Face the scariest and creepiest creatures and fulfill your dream of adventure.

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