How To Connect Skullcandy Crusher Headphones To Xbox 360


How To Connect Skull Candy Crusher Headphones To Xbox 360? You should use a proper wire to connect the Skullcandy Crusher headphones to your Xbox 360. The 3.5mm audio cable has crusher headphones, the basic type of audio cable. You should join the end of the cable into the headphone jack on the left earcup of the Crusher headphones.

After that, you should connect the other end of the audio cable to the “audio out” port on the Xbox 360. After connecting the headphones to the Xbox 360, it is possible to adjust the volume level with the help of the dial on the right earcup of the Crusher headphones.

Best Steps To Connect

Step 1:

Your first task is to enable the Xbox, and then you should head toward the Settings option in the main menu. You need to know that these earbuds are specially designed to support Xbox 360. But you can find a different connection process, that is not applicable for other gaming headsets. You should go through these steps if you want to connect the Skull Candy Crushers to your Xbox 360 console. 

  • Go to the Settings option in the main menu and enable the Xbox. 
  • Tap on Devices and Accessories.
  • Choose Add New Device from the next page. Then, you should select the Headset from the list containing connected devices. Thereafter, tap on next.
  • Put on the headphones and tap on both volume buttons. Hold them down for three seconds until you hear a tone confirming that you have connected the headset successfully.

Step 2:

  • You need to plug the wire of the headset into the Xbox 360. 
  • Then, plug the other wire end into the Crusher headset. 
  • After that, your task is to enable the TV, Xbox 360, and Skull candy Crusher headphones.
  • Hit any button on the 360 controllers or hit any button on the headset to begin playing music.

Step 3:

  • You should now set the preferred volume.
  • Then, connect the headphones to the controller’s headphone jack.
  • Thereafter, you should hit the “Start” button on the controller and tap on “X” or “Y” until the option “Settings” appears on display.
  • Next, you should highlight “Settings” and tap on “A.” A list containing options appears on display. Then, you should choose “Controller Settings” and “Audio Settings,” respectively. 
  • A screen appears with two options: Volume Control and Headset Audio Source. In this case, you should choose Volume Control and use the left thumb stick to set the volume.

Step 4: 

Now, turn on the Xbox 360 and enjoy the game. The earbuds are one of the best options for your Xbox 360 experience. These come with a microphone and can control volume, bass, and other aspects of the gaming experience.

It is possible to plug them into your console with the help of a USB cable or an audio cable. 

How Do You Pair A Skullcandy Crusher 360?

Whether you want to connect your headphones with another device, you must follow these steps. 

  • First, your task is to ensure that you have enabled both devices, which should be within range of each other.
  • After that, you should put the earbuds into pairing mode. In this case, you need to hold down the power button for five seconds to do it. 
  • A white light will flash on the ear cups, meaning they’re in pairing mode.
  • Next, you should move to the Bluetooth settings on the other device. Then, find “Skullcandy Crusher 360” in the list containing the names of other available devices.
  • As soon as you choose it, you should connect two devices. Thus, you can hear music or other audio through your headphones.

How Do I Reset My Skullcandy Crusher?

Whether you are willing to reset the Skullcandy Crusher, you should do a few things first.

  • Your first task is to unplug the headphones from the audio source if any.
  • Then, your job is to find the small holes on the left and right ear cups. Next, you should use a paperclip or similar object to insert it into the corresponding hole on every ear cup. Then, you need to hold it for about four seconds.
  • You can hear a ‘reset’ sound meaning that the method is complete. 
  • At last, you should reboot the headphones to an audio source. 

How Do You Put Skullcandy Crusher Headphones In Pairing Mode?

You can put the Crusher headphones into pairing mode by tapping the power button and holding it for three seconds.

The LED indicator on the earbuds will change from red to blue while in pairing mode. 

Why Will My Skullcandy Headphones Not Pair?

Some reasons are there which you couldn’t pair your earphones. Your battery can be dead, which is one of the possibilities for why these headphones are not pairing.

The earbuds use a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, ensure that your device has turned on Bluetooth before pairing them.

If you find Bluetooth enabled on your device, you should try rebooting the mobile and headphones afterward. If these don’t connect, ensure any kind of problem is there with the headphone unit itself. Therefore, you must replace it. 

Can You Connect Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One?

It is possible to connect Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. If you are willing to do it, your first job is to ensure that you have updated your Xbox One to the most recent firmware. After updating, these are the steps you should follow. 

  • Hit the Menu button on the Xbox One controller.
  • After that, you should choose Settings and Devices & Accessories, respectively.
  • Then, you must choose the preferred accessory. Next, you should choose Preferences and Bluetooth settings.
  • Now, enable Bluetooth and choose Scan for devices.
  • Next, your task is to choose the preferred device from the list containing the names of the scanned devices. Then, choose Pair.
  • You should tap on the PIN code 0000 (four zeroes) when prompted. Finally, you should choose OK to complete the pairing procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you use Skullcandy Crushers with Xbox?

Yes, you can use the Skullcandy Crushers with an Xbox gaming console. In addition, the headset can provide a great audio experience with its top-quality speakers and bass-boosted sound.

These earphones can make you feel comfortable to wear. In addition, these come with a built-in microphone for voice chat. But there is a drawback to the device: they are not wireless. Therefore, you must connect them to the Xbox using a 3.5mm audio cable.

2. Why are my Skullcandy Crusher headphones not pairing?

Several reasons are there why the headphones might not pair. Sometimes, your battery may be drained, and you need to charge them. It can be a reason why these earphones are not pairing. 

Your earphones might not be in Bluetooth mode, due to which these are not connecting. Whether you are willing to put the earphones in Bluetooth mode, you should hit the power button and hold it on the right earcup until the Bluetooth symbol lights up. 

Whether you are still facing issues while pairing your device, you should try to reset your headphones by tapping both the power and volume down buttons and holding them simultaneously for three seconds. But when no solutions work, you should contact customer service for extra help.

3. Which version of Bluetooth does the Crusher 360 use?

Crusher 360 uses Bluetooth Version 4.1. 

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