How to Keep Your Vinyl Advertising Banners Looking New for Long

Vinyl Advertising Banners

Custom-designed vinyl banners are a very efficient and cost-effective way of advertising, especially for small businesses desiring to attract traffic to their retail outlets. These banners also find extensive use at indoor and outdoor events for boosting brand awareness. All businesses will generally find it worthwhile to design and print several banners for use at short notice for business and brand promotion. 

With the many advantages of utilizing vinyl flags, take great consideration of them to broaden their lifetime. A little extra consideration will assist them with searching better for longer. This will guarantee a profit from your speculation and permits you to utilize it again and again.

According to Huffington Post, putting the banners up at the right locations is vital. While these banners are affordable, you can increase their ROI with a few simple steps for maintaining them so that they keep looking new for a long time.

Removing Wrinkles and Creases

When you have used and stored your vinyl banners, you will notice creases and wrinkles in them that can make them look unsightly. Moreover, if you leave the banners folded for a long time, the creases become deep-seated, and they can develop cracks that will ruin them. A good and hassle-free method of getting rid of creases and wrinkles in vinyl banners before putting them up is to unfold them and expose them to bright sunlight for about half an hour. If there’s no sun to do the job for you, you can use a wet cloth to dampen the banner and a hairdryer to apply the heat required to make the banner wrinkle-free. Do not apply high heat; else you will damage the material.

Keeping Banners in Top Shape during Storage and Transportation 

The best way of storing your large banners is to first clean and dry them thoroughly so that none of the stains have a chance of becoming hard, and mold and mildew that can damage the banner do not develop. Ideally, you should keep the banners rolled up vertically in a cool and dry place free from pests like mice and termites. Digitally printed banners should be kept rolled so that the printing is on the inside, preferably in a shipping tube to keep them protected against scratches. However, you should keep banners with raised designs or lettering rolled such that the design or the letters are on the outside to prevent them from sticking. When transporting, you should preferably use the tubes you store them in or loosely rolled up as folding them leads to wrinkles and creases.

Cleaning Vinyl Banners

You can clean vinyl banners very well with just a solution of mild soap and water. You can get the best result by first brushing the banner to remove dirt and debris and then wiping it with a soft lint-free cloth dipped in the soap solution. Clean it with water after you are through and let it air dry before keeping it away. Do not make the mistake of using harsh detergents or commercial cleaners as they will damage the banner. Get more at mnsud2l.

Use water Or Mild Soap

Very much planned flags will normally have close to three text dimensions – only one is generally best since it permits individuals to zero in on the message – and a solid shading contrast between the message/picture and foundation. The difficulty is that foundations that are extremely light (e.g., white or dim) can get filthy throughout a couple of months, particularly if you’ve hung your flag up outside. The secret to keeping things new is normal support.

Start with a non-grating fabric. A shockingly better choice may be a comfortable cotton towel or delicate microfiber. Recollect that this isn’t care for cleaning the dishes where you need a thorny wipe to eliminate food and you’re truly placing a bit of real effort into making that dish shimmering clean. 

Caring for the banner

By and large, flags are sturdy and keep going long, yet they might begin to shred when they are hanging for some time. You can utilize scissors to cut the wanderer strands and forestall further harm. When hanging them, guarantee that it’s straight and tight to forestall wrinkling, however in the event that it structures wrinkles, you can fix them with a wet material on a level surface.


Indoor banners last much longer than those used outdoors because they are not exposed to the elements. Cleaning indoor banners once a year should be good enough, however, you need to take down and clean outdoor banners more frequently. With a little care, good-quality banners can last quite a long time.