What is a Hydrolat – A whim or a Necessity?

What is a Hydrolat

What is hydrolat – if this sounds unusual to you, read the article and find out what hydrolat is, and why you need to have it in your cosmetic bag! Until recently, rarely did anyone have an idea of ​​what a hydrolat is. Of course, everyone has heard of flower waters: everyone must have used … Read more

Concussion: Causes and Treatments


Oftentimes a mild traumatic injury that occurs because of a jolt or a violent shake, messes up your brain activity. And sometimes a bad hit to your body causes your head to move forward or backward with force. If this results in making you feel dizzy, nauseated and gives you a terrible headache, this is … Read more

How meditation is good for government exams?

Benefits Of Meditation for students

Whether it’s decreasing the stress, sparking creativity, amplifying concentration, rise in IQ level, enhancing emotional stability, or increasing cognitive functions. Meditation is the one-stop solution that can provide you with all this. It isn’t about breathing in and outright! It’s more than that! However, to know that you should consider reading this blog with full … Read more