Stay Happy, Blessed & Positive with Gautam Buddha Paintings!

gautam buddha painting

Everyone is aware of the Lord Buddha. However, there are millions of followers of Gautam Buddha. The spirit of Lord Buddha is known as good luck for everyone. But, due to busy schedules, people are not free to think about their happiness and peace. Seriously, peace and happy moments play an important role in our life. Without happiness and peace, you can’t enjoy your life.

That is why; the painting of Gautam Buddha is an ideal choice to décor your house. Additionally, you can feel stress-free and happy by looking at the pleasant mood and face of Gautam Buddha. If you want to bring good luck and fortune to your life, it is advised to place the spirituals and paintings of Gautam Buddha. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Gautam Buddha’s painting at home or the workplace!

Is Placing Gautam Buddha Painting an Ideal Choice?

According to Hindus & Buddhists, placing the painting of Gautam Buddha is an ideal choice for home and the workplace. Secondly, religious paintings always have a positive effect on everyone’s life. That is why; the painting of Gautam Buddha is known as “auspicious and great wall art for decoration. Let’s know some key features of these paintings as:

  • As per Feng Shui, Gautam Buddha symbolizes tranquility, joy, happiness, and pleasure in everyone’s life.
  • In the premises of the house and office, you can improve the positive energy in the environment with the help of Gautam Buddha painting.
  • ]At your home/office, you can feel secure from several types of evil eyes with the blessings of Lord Buddha.
  • In reality, Gautam Buddha was a person with a peaceful and smart mind. Thus, the shadow or art of Lord Buddha is enough to spread peace and strength in the atmosphere.
  • Place this auspicious painting and bring harmony, prosperity, and well-being to your house or workplace.
  • Lastly, you can also feel relaxed at home with beautiful and gorgeous wall paintings of Lord Buddha. The mind will fill with positive thoughts at home.

Online Alternatives Available for Gautam Buddha Painting!

Without any doubt, online is a huge platform to buy several types of decorative home appliances. Thousands of the products/paintings are available to décor your house. If you have faith in Lord Buddha, it is advised to know numerous types of designs, arts, and styles:

  • Gautam Buddha canvas painting
  • Gautam Buddha abstract painting
  • Beautiful Gautam Buddha face painting
  • Sleeping Gautam Buddha painting
  • Attractive Gautam Buddha DIY painting
  • Fashionable Gautam Buddha panel painting
  • Gautam Buddha attractive wall painting
  • Gautam Buddha under tree painting
  • Buddha’s acrylic painting
  • Lord Buddha handcrafted painting
  • Beautiful 5 art pieces of Gautam Buddha painting
  • In Which Location You Should Hang Gautam Buddha Painting?

According to Vastu Shastra, Gautam Buddha paintings can be hung anywhere in your house, clinic, office, lounge, etc. But, you have to think about several changes while hanging Lord Buddha’s painting. Here are some places where you should hang this religious and optimistic painting:

At Home


It is a great place to show the power and strength of the Gautam Buddha. If you are a newly married couple, it is best to place the painting in the bedroom to bring love and happiness.

Living room

 This is a common area where every guest will notice your favorite painting. Gautam Buddha in the living room will give you superb outcomes.

Study room/drawing room

Both the rooms are the best space to hang Gautam Buddha paintings. At this place, you can bring prosperity, wisdom, and intelligence.


These are other places where you can hang the Gautam Buddha painting. Make sure not to hang the painting under the staircase or basement area. Also, the painting should be in front of the main gate of your house.

Puja Ghar

It is a wonderful place to place Gautam Buddha painting. Along with other religious sculptures, Lord Buddha’s painting will look best and auspicious.

At Office/Workplace


You can also use this wall art in the cabin area to increase the charm of the space.

Meeting room

At this place, you can regulate the mentality of your clients.


Most of the people use the reception area to place Gautam Buddha wall paintings. It brings positivity and religiousness to the environment.

Conference room

At this point, you can motivate your employees/workers easily with a spiritual environment.

How to Buy Gautam Buddha Paintings Online?

According to the reviews, DecoreMantra is a well-known and reputed e-commerce website. Here, you can get amazing decorative items for your space. Apart from Gautam Buddha, you can also shop for Lord Hanuman, Shiva, Maa Durga, Lord Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Radha Krishna, and others. On the official website (, you can purchase your favorite product at a reasonable price!

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