How To Fix Twilio Error Code 30007?


If you want to fix the Twilio error code 30007, you must ensure that the message complies with Twilio’s Messaging Policy and Acceptable User Policy. When you receive error messages from Twilio, you can check the list of error messages your provider offers for some more information. 

Whether you face any issues in sending and receiving calls, ensure that if a problem exists with the system or the connection. You might have to contact Twilio support to fix the problem. Hence, you should follow the solution given underneath. Check the error message list to fix the issue if the problem remains. 

You can see the error message because these are being filtered due to the carrier policy or rules you set up. For example, Twilio can filter your messages for phishing or spam.

As a result, ensuring that your messages comply with the relevant policies and rules is essential. Besides, you must keep your account credentials secure to avoid encountering the Twilio error code. 

If you experience an invalid source address, it indicates that your message’s source carrier is not compatible with it. Besides, the message content may violate the guidelines of the carrier. As a result, the recipient handset might not accept the message. 

After that, you can experience a generic error message asking, ‘Message delivered failed.’ Mainly, it indicates that the message was rejected. Therefore, the content of the message was flagged as violating the carrier’s guidelines.

Causes Of Error 30007

When your carrier or Twilio filters messages, you can experience the Twilio error code 30007. Several reasons exist why filtering or blocking can happen.

For example, it can happen with the wireless carrier if you have violated the carrier’s rules and regulations. In addition, it can happen when the Messaging Policy or Acceptable User Policy is violated. A few instance scenarios are when spamming, or phishing occurs.

Best Solutions To Fix:

If you are willing to fix the problem, it is what you should do. 

You need to ensure that your message should comply with Twilio’s Messaging Policy and Acceptable User Policy. It can keep the Twilio account credentials safe. Thus, there will be no risk of fraud and hostiles.

If you find a mistake and your message complies with all the policies and guidelines, you should try to open a support request with 3 “undelivered” filtered message SIDs. 

What Is Twilio?

It is an American company in San Francisco, California. This company can offer programmable communication tools enabling you to send & receive phone calls, send & receive text messages, and perform other communication functions with the help of web service APIs.

Jeff Lawson, Evan Cooke, and John Wolthuis founded the company in 2008. It is located in Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California. The first press coverage of this company was held in November 2008. It was the result of an app made by Jeff Lawson. 

The investor Dave McClure used the app as a prank on TechCrunch founder and editor Michael Arrington. After some days on November 20, 2008, Twilio launched Twilio Voice.

It is an API used to make phone calls and receive them entirely hosted in the cloud. In February 2010, the text messaging API was launched. Later in July 2011, SMS shortcodes were launched in a public beta. 

The company raised about $103 million in venture capital growth funding. In March 2009, it got its first round of seed funding for Mitch Kapor, The Founders Fund, Dave McClure, David G. Cohen, Chris Sacca, Manu Kumar from K9 Ventures, and Jeff Fluhr. 

Union Square Ventures led the first round of funding for this company for $3.7 million. Bessemer Venture Partners led the second B round of funding for $12 million. Later in December 2011, Bessemer Venture Partners and Union Square Ventures led the Series C round for $17 million. 

The company got another $70 million from Redpoint Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), and Bessemer Venture Partners in July 2013. After some years, Fidelity, T Rowe Price, Altimeter Capital Management, Amazon, Salesforce, and Arrowpoint Partners raised a $130 million Series E in July 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I stop Twilio filtering?

We have given a few tips following which you can stop Twilio filtering. 

  • Ensure that your contacts are opt-in via the affected SMS channel. Otherwise, you should try to opt-in to get messages from the organization. 
  • You must ensure that any previous contacts are reminded, which can be opted out periodically. After doing it the first time, you should do it monthly. 
  • You should introduce yourself and your organization at the beginning message.
  • Ensure that you need to send links that are not part of Bitly or other public URL Shorteners. 
  • If you find specific message templates getting flagged, remember to change the term to allow it to look like a different message. If a user asks you to remove him from your SMS list but never invokes a keyword like “STOP,” you need to manually opt out to ensure they are off the list. 
  • You must be sure that you are using a valid mobile number to decrease the number of times you would message a landline or another number that can not take an SMS message. 

2. What does Twilio error code 30007 mean?

Twilio error code 30007 means “Message Delivery – Message Filtered” while sending SMS. If your sending message is not delivered to the end device and returns this error code, it indicates that Twilio or your carrier blocked your message. 

3. Why is Twilio not sending SMS?

It is not sending SMS for two reasons. You may be attempting to send SMS from a mobile number which you can enable for only voice. The list displays which Twilio mobile numbers are SMS enabled. Other numbers can not send SMS messages.

4. What to do if Twilio error code 30007 continues?

Your messaging use case can comply with Twilio’s Messaging Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. It will help you to understand why the error code continues. 

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