8 Benefits of Installing Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Most homes have double glazing for windows, and it looks good. But, sometimes, people often wonder what kind of window is best for a home they want to buy or build. Well, this post will discuss the best advantages you will have if you go for double glazing. But first, what are these windows?

What is double glazing?

This type of window is designed to have two layers of glass and a space between the layers. This design aims to lower noise pollution and heat loss. That’s not all. Compared to single glazing, double glazing helps homeowners spend less on energy, and it is eco-friendly. They are simple to maintain and can add more value to your property. See more reasons why you should opt for a double glazed window in our top 8 advantages.

What perks does double glazing bring?

Low-level external noise: Single glazed windows will allow the room to get colder as chills seep into the room, and they also let in noise from the outside. This includes noise from driving cars, playing with children, the footsteps of a passer-by, and barking dogs. It’s very difficult to sleep with all these noises. So, one good thing about double-glazed windows is they lower the noise from without. This makes them ideal for homes near busy commercial buildings like train stations, airports, and noisy neighborhoods. If you are a light sleeper, then double glazing is a good choice.

Do you know that double-glazed windows also block internal noise from being heard outside? Yes! This means you can increase the volume of your speakers and not worry about the neighbors hearing anything.



For single glazed windows, which are designed to have just one pane of glass, it is easy to break or smash them. A double-glazed window offers better security to keep intruders away as the glass has two panes. This makes them difficult to be damaged or forced open by burglars. So, your house is safer with double-glazed windows.



Of course, this benefit is huge. No one likes to stay cold indoors during winter. Double glazing offers just that – they retain the heat indoors and keep the cold outside.

This goes to say that the double-pane glass prevents heat loss in the cold months. On the flip side, double glazing ensures that the temperature inside your home is not outrageously hot in the hot months; they maintain the coolness inside and won’t let scorching air come inside. So you see that with double glazed windows, your home’s temperature is regulated, and extremes are avoided. For double glazing services in London, reach out to us.

Improved home aesthetics: Every architectural design for your home, be it traditional or modern, can go with double glazed windows. No matter what design you need for your home exterior, you can be sure of having it, including insulation with double glazing.


Energy bill reduction

The temperature-regulating capacity of double glazing will cut back the cost of heating your home using central heating. Following unfavorable climate change and a bid to protect the environment, installing a double glazed window will be a great idea as you won’t spend much on energy.


Add more value to the property

 Potential home buyers will love a home that has insulation. The energy-saving double glazed windows offer this effortlessly. Not only that, their beautiful look is a plus to make that buyer decide quickly. So, offering a home for sale with insulation and aesthetics is a sure good way of providing comfort to whoever will be buying the house. This is the value that comes with double glazed windows! Should you be preparing to sell your home, fitting it with double glazing will most likely raise the price.


Less condensation

When water droplets and moisture collected on your windowpane condense as a result of so much humidity in the air that your home has trapped, condensation is said to occur. But with double glazed windows, condensation is on the low. This is because the interior window pane temperature is close to the air temperature inside the house. Consequently, condensation is cut off.

The headache of condensation is that it affects your windows and disturbs the foundation of your building. You should learn more about the impact of and how to keep condensation away from your windows. This will keep your home structurally and aesthetically fit.


Maintenance is easy

This last advantage of double-glazed windows is very crucial. Apart from having a window installed, the cost is accrued from maintaining them. However, when it comes to cleaning, double glazing is simple to clean. All that’s needed is to wipe down the window frames with soapy water regularly, and you will see the windows coming back to life again. As for service life, modern double glazed windows are made from durable materials that will last a long time. So, while having effective home insulation and spending less on energy bills, you will also be saving the cost of maintaining your double glazing. Now, that’s the kind of investment that is worth every dime.


Your choice of windows matters now and in the long run. Double glazing does not only make living comfortable but increases the value of a home. So if you are looking for a functional window that will keep your home protected, eliminate noise from the street, regulate home temperature, lower the problem of condensation, raise your home value, save the cost of maintenance and energy, what you need is a double glazed window.

Don’t know where to get one? Contact Emergency Glaziers London for double glazing services in London. You can visit our showroom to check out unique designs that’ll suit your home needs. Be it window replacement or a brand new installation; you can count on us to get the job done seamlessly.


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