How Can You Take Aerosols On A Plane? Best Solutions!

Can you take aerosols on a plane?

If you have traveled in a plane or you are planning a journey via plane then you must be wondering Can you take aerosols on a plane? Well, let us tell you that it largely depends on what kind of aerosols you want to carry.

It can be extremely confusing with various rules of the TSA and you might find it difficult to take the correct aerosol products with you.

The basic criteria of TSA suggest that those aerosols that you can carry on the plane must be in containers that are 3.4 ozs (100ml) max or even less than that.

You can pack them in the checked baggage without any trouble and any such restrictions. All aerosols containing flammables are strictly prohibited in both carry-on and checked bags.

There are even restrictions on certain aerosol liquids that can be carried on an aircraft.

In this article, we have discussed everything about what and how can you carry aerosols on a plane and we have discussed all rules and regulations of the TSA related to this.

Apart from perfumes what other kinds of Aerosol can you carry?

If you are wondering what kind of aerosols you can carry on your flight, then let’s see what other things you can carry. Here’s a list of what you can carry-

  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Antiperspirant
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair spray
  • Aftershave
  • Tanning spray
  • Air fresheners

These are some of the products that you can easily carry in the aircraft. But you need to keep in mind that all of these must be in 3.4 ounces containers and not more than that.

In the next section, we discuss also the things that you cannot carry through the TSA checkpoint at the airport.

Know What Type Of Aerosols Can You Take Through The TSA Checkpoint!

When you are traveling via flights and intend to carry aerosols through the TSA checkpoint, then you must know what kinds of aerosols you can carry.

The very first rule that you need to know about TSA rules to carry aerosols is that they must be in containers no more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) and must be placed in a quart-sized plastic bag.

Only if you follow these rules you can take aerosol toiletry products containing most types of liquid through the TSA checkpoint.

Here is a list of aerosol products that are prohibited from carrying on a plane-

  • Fly spray/ insecticide/ bug repellent.
  • Self-defense sprays such as pepper spray, tear gas, etc.
  • Spray paints.
  • Spray oils such as cooking spray, oils, and starch.
  • Lysol spray.
  • Bear spray.
  • Aerosol lubricants/ spray oil.
  • Flat tire repair spray.

Apart from these, you can carry other types of aerosol on a plane. Although you must remember that you cannot carry any flammable aerosol solutions along with you.

How To Pack Aerosol Cans For Flying?

Now that we have told you what kind of aerosol products you can carry on a plane, let us now tell you how you must pack aerosol cans/ containers while flying.

Can you take aerosols on a plane?

You can try to bring along any aerosols through the TSA checkpoint, however, they will let you carry only those products that will follow their rules.

Now you need to understand this very well that you can carry aerosols/ aerosol cans that are in a container of about 3.4 ounces/ 100ml or less in size. You can carry them in your carry-on bags or your checked luggage.

However, if it is more than that you will not be allowed to carry them along with you on the plane.

For many people, the size of the aerosol containers becomes the major issue that they face while carrying them through the TSA checkpoint rather than the fact that they are carrying aerosols.

Many people are taken by surprise when they get to know that cannot carry liquid aerosols of random size in the airplane. And this leads to the confiscation of such products by TSA agents at the airport.

We request you to follow these rules strictly in order to prevent your aerosol products from getting confiscated at the airport.

In What Way Can You Use Aerosols Onboard A Plane?

While you board a plane you are allowed to use any aerosol spray that you were permitted to take on a plane.

However, certain aerosol sprays that you are allowed to take have no reason to be used on the plane. Certain aerosol items that you may want to use such as toiletry items.

But you must keep in mind that you should use all of these items in the aircraft’s restroom so that it does not disturb other passengers in the aeroplane.

How Can You Take Flammable Aerosols On A Plane?

We are sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately, there is no way you can take flammable aerosols on a plane.

All aerosol spray cans that contain flammable liquid or gas in them are not allowed in checked luggage or even in your hand luggage.

As per the TSA, these include items such as aerosol cans as oil (containing WD 40 type), cooking oils, paint spray, laundry scratch, and even flammable deodorants.

In case you are in dire need of these things then you should get them from the shops of your destination after you land. It is better to not carry those and unnecessarily waste them in the airport when they will be taken away from you.

Know The Best Way How Can You Take Aerosols In Hand Luggage? 

By this time you must be knowing that you can definitely carry aerosols in your hand luggage. However, there are some rules that need to be followed.

You can use aerosol in the form of deodorant, hairspray, shaving cream/ foam, hair mousse, sunscreen or even any other toiletries. Any other form of aerosol is not allowed.

Can you take aerosols on a plane?

As aerosol mostly contains liquid they must comply with the TSA liquid rules, in case you need to fly with aerosols.

Any aerosol spray/ liquid container of more than 3.4 ounces is not allowed in your hand luggage. You cannot carry a container that’s larger than this, even if it’s empty.

All aerosol liquid containers are required to fit into a clear quart-sized zip top bag. Every passenger is allowed to have one liquids bag in their carry or hand luggage bag.

Apart from this other items that include aerosols include spray cheese and whipped cream. You can place 3.4 ounces of cans containing these things in the hand luggage section.

Although there are certain exceptions regarding certain things. Solid toiletries such as sunscreen and even bug repellent, will help to reduce the number of aerosols in your hand luggage.

Insecticides are not even permitted in the cabin bags or even hand luggage, irrespective of their sizes. The aerosol that contains flammable liquids or gels is also not allowed, on the plane and you cannot carry them in your hand luggage.

You need to follow these rules for carrying aerosols in hand luggage.


1. Can you take deodorant on a plane?

Yes, you can definitely carry deodorant on a plane. But you need to know what types of deodorant you can carry in which type of bags.

We have categorized deodorants largely into two types-

  • Stick Deodorant- You can carry stick deodorant of any size and any kind. Even powder and crystal deodorants are good to go. You can carry them normally in your handbag or luggage bag.
  • Spray, Gel, Liquid, Roll-On, etc- You can carry these types of deodorants too while traveling on a plane, but they need to be packed in containers. These containers should not be larger than 3.4 ounces and must be placed in a clear quart-sized bag.

You can always place the deodorant in your checked baggage if you’re checking a bag.

2. Can you take wd40 on a plane?

Unfortunately, you cannot carry aerosols that contain flammable liquids or gels on a plane. Especially, if it contains things like WD 40. You will be immediately stopped during checking in at the airport.

Apart from that, you are not allowed to carry things like spray paint, cooking spray, laundry starch canned air, etc.

3. Can you put aerosol cans in checked luggage?

In case you want/need to travel with your large-sized aerosol containers of antiperspirant, hairspray, sunscreen, shaving cream, etc, you can definitely put them in your checked luggage.

That way you can easily carry them on the plain without having any hassle.

4. Can you bring aerosol sunscreen on a plane?

Yes, you can definitely bring your aerosol sunscreen on a plane. But it will be good if you put it in your checked luggage bag.

In this way, you can even carry your other toiletries along with you to your destination.

To Wrap Up

So now that we have given every information about how Can you take aerosols on a plane, we hope that you have understood how to carry aerosols on the plane.

We have tried to explain everything in detail about what amount of aerosol and what kind of aerosol you can take on your journey in an aircraft. Just follow all the TSA rules before considering bringing aerosols on your airplane journey.

Aerosols can be a dangerous substance if not carried carefully on an aircraft, therefore trying to sneak flammable aerosols can not only put your life at risk but also the lives of others. So be extremely careful about what you are carrying.