Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane?

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane? It is possible to bring a tripod in carry-on and checked luggage. In this case, the only thing which you are required to consider is the size of a tripod. Ensure that you can place it in your suitcase or attach it to your backpack. In most cases, airlines limit the number of items allowed to be brought on board.

What Are The Rules For Bringing A Tripod On A Plane?

Generally, when you are traveling with a tripod, you will have four options, including—

  1. Bring it with you while traveling as carry-on luggage in the overhead bin or below your seat.
  2. You should check this as a portion of your standard checked baggage allowance.
  3. You must buy another checked bag for your tripod and check it at the gate whether the airline allows you. 
  4. Invest money a bit extra to bring this to the carry-on and any personal items.

How Do You Pack A Tripod For A Plane Trip?

Packing your tripod is the ultimate way to prepare for a trip like other luggage. If you want to travel on vacation, you must consider packing it more carefully than usual. 

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane?

Ensure to pack the turntable inside a padded bag or zippered case. While checking in at the airport, you must place the head on top of the carry-on to allow them to check it as luggage and not take it away before boarding.

Ensure that you have replaced the screws holding the head with twist-ties or rubber bands. Therefore, you can make sure that nothing will be lost during transport.

While checking in, you should inform the airline staff before departure if you use a tripod and its legs extend under a certain height. Ensure that you must tell them about any fragile items you have carried onboard with glass or ceramic components. 

Tips For Packing A Tripod:

These are a few tips that you need to remember while packing your tripod.

  1. You need to keep the tripod in a dedicated case. Therefore, you should ensure that it is labeled. Ensure you must throw away a damaged tripod. It is impossible to bring it through security when it appears as harmful as a weapon or doesn’t have your name on it.
  2. You should pack it as checked baggage, not as carry-on baggage. In this case, you may be in a complex situation as you don’t need your equipment on hand while getting to your destination. You must do it if it is possible to pack the camera in with all other carry-on items. According to the theory, you can turn away any carry-on item at security, relying on how an agent feels about it. In addition, if you pack your gear, it will help you protect against theft or loss while traveling. Although it is rare, you must not want it to happen to you. 

Tips For Using Your Tripod On Your Trip:

You need to know the regulations and rules at your destination, and based on that, you should pack.

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane?
  1. Try to find the best light before using your tripod.
  2. Ensure that you respect other people and their property while using your tripod.
  3. If you want to be more creative, you need to try different angles. 
  4. You should ask for permission when required. But never disappoint if you’re denied. You need to hear the concerns you might have about being photographed.
  5. You must be patient and enjoy the entire procedure of photography with a tripod.

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane As Carry-On Luggage?

You may bring a tripod on a plane as carry-on luggage but only if it exists within the size limits. Generally, you don’t get any restrictions regarding tripods in carry-on baggage.

Remember to check with the airline for the regulations. However, usually, you don’t face any problems while putting a travel tripod into the carry-on luggage.

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What Are The Risks Of Bringing A Tripod On A Plane?

Your disassembled tripod must fit into your bag and should not cause any issues. But it is not always so simple to bring a tripod onto an airplane as you might encounter problems from TSA and on the plane itself.

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane?

Your tripod might get damaged during transit or forced to check in mainly while your carry-on bag is more significant than what fits under the seat.

The TSA might not permit you to enter with your tripod on board for its total length, although it can fit within the allowable size limits for carry-on bags.

These security agents come with great latitude. In addition, they make their rules at any time regarding what they consider harmful and what they don’t.

Your checked luggage with your tripod might be lost or stolen during transit while traveling with a low-quality airline that can’t adequately protect your bags.

Security might confiscate your gear while traveling to a politically unstable country where these are seen as potential weapons against authority figures. 

How To Get Your Tripod Through Airport Security:

Ensure you have it in a tripod bag because it is the ultimate way to get it through security. You must fill the bag with the tripod and its accessories, including a ball head and release plate.

Whether you don’t come with a dedicated tripod bag, you need to pack this on top of your carry-on bag. It becomes more straightforward for the TSA agent to inspect.

If you place your bag on the conveyor belt, ensure to inform an agent who can help you to take the bag rather than sending it through as you do with your laptop.

The agent can ask you if you want to remove any accessories from the inside before sending them through. The armor plate or camera strap might set off metal detectors in this case. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these before time.

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What If You Want To Take Pictures While Flying?

If you are a photographer, you might wonder if you can take your tripod on board the plane with you. You can find it simple if challenging because you might damage valuable equipment or even injure another passenger.

Can You Bring A Tripod On A Plane

However, several photographers can bring their tripods onto the plane with them. Do you want to do something like this? Then, we advise you to make it happen. 

You should use your best judgment. If someone continues to bump into your tripod and complain about it, you should move this out of the way. In this case, you may use an overhead bin. 

Ensure you must not block anyone else’s view from their seat. Whether you have a big tripod that can help you to interfere with flight attendants coming through the aisle during beverage service or an emergency, you need to look for a process to make it smaller for landing. 


1. Does a tripod count as a personal item?

Whether you come with a tripod, you may fit these items in your personal item. Hence, you should know that the FAA never allows tripods as individual items.

It doesn’t matter if it is a full-sized professional tripod or any little selfie used to take close-up pictures of themselves. It will count as a personal item. 

These are the things which we mean as a personal item, including:

  • a laptop bag
  • a purse
  • a large backpack or small suitcase
  • a diaper bag

The airline allows every passenger to bring a carry-on bag and a personal item on board at no extra cost. You don’t need to spend additional money on them. Therefore, they keep the size reasonable. As a result, no chaos will be in the overhead bins as soon as everyone boards (one carry-on + one personal item per person).

2. Can you take a tripod on American Airlines carry-on?

American airlines permit people to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item such as a briefcase, a purse, or a laptop bag free of charge. It is possible to bring a tripod if it can fit in the carry-on bag. 

3. Can you take a tripod on a United Airlines carry-on?

It is possible to bring a tripod to United Airlines as a carry-on whether it is within the airline’s carry-on size and weight.

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