Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Skateboard travel is not less than fantastic. It provides you with a sensation of relaxation. Additionally, it keeps you physically active. Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

However, it is important to understand that skateboards have mobility restrictions. What then if you intend to transport your skateboard to another state? Can a skateboard be brought on an airplane?

The answer is affirmative, but only under certain conditions. I don’t believe that is permitted, but a Flight Attendant may be able to store it for you.

Always place my boards behind the seat with the wheels facing up. Other boards were transported as additional luggage in rifle cases (for Race events, thus different boards).

If your suitcase is large enough, the board may fit diagonally, but you may need to remove the trucks as well.

If so, wrap the skateboard and use large Ziploc bags for the trucks/wheels to keep other things in the suitcase clean. Continue reading to learn what they are and to determine if you can bring yours.

Taking A Skateboard On A Plane

Before discussing how to transport a skateboard on an airplane, let’s examine the aspects that influence our luggage at the airport.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Transport Security

While airlines regulate what you can and cannot take on an airplane, a greater power performs the same function: your state’s transport safety.

Fortunately, unlike the Transportation Security Administration, many authorities do not appear to have a problem with skateboards aboard airplanes.

In addition, airlines have rules regarding package weight and dimensions.

Checked Or Carry-On?

In this regard, we must reassess the policies of airlines regarding the carriage of skateboards. Even if hundreds of Reddit users have claimed that skateboards are permitted on planes, it is important to confirm with the governing airlines to avoid potential conflicts.

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Listed below are many airlines that permit the carriage of skateboards under certain conditions.

  • As carried-on luggage
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • AlaskaSouthwest
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Jetblue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • As carry-on baggage
  • Canada Southwest Airlines

Few airlines allow skateboards to be carried on as carry-on luggage. Additionally, airlines will provide you with more detailed instructions if you pursue this.

1. Charges

Are there fees for transporting skateboards onto an airplane? Perhaps not necessarily. Some airlines provide free first-checked luggage.

Therefore, if you fly with your skateboard for your first checked bag, you can save money.

2. Restrictions

This is the element where size and weight count. No airline wishes to jeopardize its flight by permitting large or heavy carry-on items.

And if you believe that devices as light as skateboards will not affect the flight, consider what these airlines say.

3. Delta

  • Skateboards must be contained within a bag. There are fees associated with the cabin and travel region. For instance, main cabin passengers on U.S.-bound flights must pay $30 for their first checked bag. Overweight skateboards will incur additional costs.
  • Not permitted are boards with exterior linear dimensions exceeding 115 linear inches.
  • The American Standard rate applies to skateboards weighing up to 50 pounds and measuring up to 126 linear inches.
  • Overweight costs apply to skateboards weighing 51 to 70 extra pounds.

4. Easyjet

  • The weight limit for checked baggage is 15 kg to 23 kg, and the limit for extra baggage is 32 kg.
  • The size shall not exceed 275 cm.

How To Take A Skateboard On A Plane?

Suppose we are uncertain of the airline’s skateboard policy. Below are the best methods for moving our equipment.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Step 1:  First, call your airline

You don’t want to be miserable and helpless at the airport because you can’t board your skateboard. Therefore, before you book your tickets, you must contact your airline to obtain authorization to bring your skateboard.

If calling them fails to elicit a response, you should use every available method and follow up regularly until you receive the desired reaction.

Step 2: Review Airline Guidelines

Let’s imagine the airline authorized your request and requested you to refer to their skateboard transport standards.

As stated previously, airline operators give particular dimensions and weights for compliance. Check your skateboard’s serial number against the airline’s guidance.

If there is excess weight or size, expect to incur additional expenses.

Step 3: Packing Up

Prepare a carrying case for your skateboard. It can be a skateboard bag or a duffel bag that fits your deck.

If neither bag is available, a backpack may be substituted. Some manufacturers produce bags with skateboard straps in the rear, allowing you to slide your skateboard there.

Some commuter skateboarders also recommend disassembling the trucks and wheels. The necessity of reassembly following this hack discourages some individuals from implementing it.

Important Tips

1. Early Birds Are Victorious: There are numerous advantages to arriving at the airport two hours before a flight. First, the flight attendants have ample time to inspect and load your bag before your flight.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

And secondly, on airlines with free seating privileges, you may find a suitable space for your bag, such as overhead bins.

2. Ensure That Your Belongings Are In A Single Location: nobody wants to forget an item on the To-Bring list. Consider purchasing an airplane skateboard bag, such as the Sector 9, to make the strategy effective.

So, you can fit all of your belongings, plus your skateboard and other necessary components, inside a single pack.

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1. Can you bring a skateboard in checked baggage?

Officially, skateboards are not permitted as carry-on luggage, although it may be possible if there is sufficient room.

Skateboards are permitted as checked baggage; however, their length cannot exceed 62 inches or 157 centimeters. All other regular policies regarding baggage apply.

2. How to carry an electric skateboard on a plane?

Here is the pertinent information. If the battery capacity of your electric skateboard is less than 100Wh, you are permitted to fly with it.

This is the present rule on lithium-ion batteries from the Federal Aviation Administration.

3. What size skateboard is considered carry-on luggage?

Skateboards are permitted as carry-on baggage, with the regular size limits applying (under 45 Linear Inches).

Skateboards are permitted as checked baggage, and the regular baggage policy applies.

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