Can I Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane? [Updated 2022]

Can I Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane?

Can I Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane: Whether planning to travel somewhere, you should know that the TSA does not let you carry it on a plane. If you want, pack pepper spray in the checked luggage. You can continue this until it fulfills specific needs specified by the TSA. 

TSA offers different items you can carry or not carry in checked and carry-on bags. You can’t pack tear gas and pepper spray in carry-on bags. But these can be filled in checked luggage for self-defense. 

TSA Pepper Spray Rules

It is possible to break down the rules into three elements: size, safety, and tear gas percentage.

1. One 4-Fluid-Ounce Container: Ensure that your container should not larger than four fluid ounces or 118 ml. Remember that the rule is different from the liquids rule. Multiple people keep the containers in their purses but based on their size.

In addition, these can be found on keychains. Remember that you will not put the pepper spray in your purse while going through security.

Remember that the necessary size depends on the container size, not the amount of liquid inside. Therefore, whether you had an 8-ounce container assuming 40% complete, it will not be compatible with TSA rules.

While buying around on Amazon, it is possible to look for pepper spray containers that are four fluid ounces or smaller. It can decrease two big factors which people see while buying pepper spray: bursts and range. 

It indicates that you can not shoot as many bursts at a potential offender. In addition, you might not have a long range. Therefore, if these things are crucial for you, try to pick up a few pepper spray at your destination. 

2. Safety Mechanism: Ensure that the spray must come with a safety mechanism to reduce the risk of any accidental discharge. You can guess how bad it could be for an unsuspecting TSA agent who searches through your luggage.

There are specific brands that have safety mechanisms. Therefore, if you have selected the proper one, don’t worry. 

If necessary, you can purchase a case or sheath for your container. It won’t substitute for a safety mechanism. But it can include a protection layer against accidental discharge.

3. 2% Tear Gas: Ensure that the limit of the year ga must not be more than 2% by mass. Whether the mace or pepper spray exceeds, it is impossible to bring it in checked luggage.

According to the TSA and the FAA explicitly statement, the 2% limitation can be applied to C.S. or C.N., But there is no mention of O.C. or Oleoresin capsicum.

If you know any good mace or pepper spray manufacturer, they must have the percentage listed on the label. It is only a matter where you want to know how much the percentage is. 

How To Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane 

Can I Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane

Whether you want to travel on a plane for the first time or not, you must be surprised to know that pepper spray is simple till you know what to do.

Strict rules are there which you should follow. This process will let you know how to ensure that your pepper spray doesn’t get you flagged at the gate. 

Step One: Choose The Right Pepper Spray:

Airlines don’t allow you to carry specific types of pepper spray on board. Remember that you can not take it as a carry-on item. You can carry the spray in the cargo hold only.

As per TSA regulations, canisters must be smaller than four fluid ounces. In addition, they have to come with safety mechanisms. Otherwise, airlines can experience an accidental discharge. 

Suppose you are in a cabin with a lot of recirculated air. In this case, discharging this Spray could make you uncomfortable. In addition, it can even cause respiratory distress in sensitive passengers.

Remember that every mace should be capped and fastened before packing, which is essential for safety & health. You might prefer to seal it in an airtight bag to remain safe.

We also should know that airlines don’t allow us to carry pepper spray containing more than two percent tear gas. While the spray has natural components, tear gas spray comes with harsher artificial chemicals like C.S. or C.N. It could cause more dangerous side effects. It is why many airlines ban tear gas sprays.

Step Two: Pack Correctly:

Although it is legal to take on an airplane, you must not keep it in your carry-on luggage. A mace canister that you can see in a suitcase, purse, or backpack can discharge into the cabin. Thus, it can disrupt staff and passengers. Besides, it can force an emergency landing, mainly any medical emergencies caused. 

You can easily forget mace in the backpack or purse. Therefore, it becomes crucial to care for it, mainly so that you can store it before traveling.

Add it to other forbidden items, including sharp objects or large fluid containers. Thus, there will be less chance of getting stopped at the security checkpoint and delayed for your flight.

Never think that you can outsmart the TSA agents. The airport scanners can recognize drugs easily. In addition, they can identify mace and pepper spray.

Ensure that you should pack any mace in your checked luggage while traveling. You should seal the compartment from the cabin to prevent the risk of danger if there’s an accidental discharge.

Remember that the rule is mainly for the safety of the cabin crew and other passengers. Airlines never want to keep mace where a hostile traveler can easily reach.

There exists transporting prisoners on planes and it is more common than we think. 

If you want to identify an air marshal, check who is scanning the cabin for passengers with prohibited items like pepper spray. Although you succeed in bringing pepper spray on a plane somehow, an air marshal can easily identify it. As a result, you might get into serious travel. 

You and other passengers are safe from mace and pepper spray stored in the cargo hold. However, it is better still to seal the canister in an airtight and watertight bag or container. But you can not remove the stain and smell of mace off of clothing easily. You might have a bag with unnecessary luggage. 

Pepper Spray Traveling Checklist

Can I Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane?

While deciding what to bring or not on a trip, you should consider these things. 

  • Do you have to protect yourself while the spray is away in your checked luggage?
  • Does your spray canister fulfill the TSA’s specification requirements?
  • Does the airline let you carry pepper spray in your checked baggage?
  • Is it legal to carry the spray while traveling to foreign? 


1. Do all airlines allow pepper spray in checked baggage?

You can carry pepper spray in a 118 ml container in checked baggage only while it comes with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. 

2. Is pepper spray legal in every state?

The paper spray is legal in all fifty states and Washington D.C. People in these states can use it for self-defense purposes. 

3. Is pepper spray a TSA-approved self-defense weapon?

A budget-friendly option is a personal protection that you can carry in a pocket, backpack, or purse. While this one is a painful sensation for attackers, it is a perfect non-lethal alternative to carrying a firearm. 

4. Does pepper spray affect metal detectors?

It depends on the material the canister of the pepper spray consists of. Usually, the Spray may cause a metal detector to go off. Whether you set off a hand-held metal detector, you might need to remove the item which set off the alarm.

Take help from the Transportation Security Administration if you have any queries about bringing it through TSA security checkpoints.

In addition, TSA offers a helpful app on mobiles. People can download the app to monitor items that are allowed and not allowed in both their carry-on and checked baggage.

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