Best Kitchen Appliances That Will Blow Your Mind

Best Kitchen Appliances

If you’re thinking to renovate your kitchen you’ve come to the right place because this article is going to be talking all about luxurious appliances you might be unaware of. We always look for the latest and greatest appliances for our kitchen, so I thought to write this article on the best kitchen appliances and share them with you if you’re thinking about doing a kitchen renovation.


Best Kitchen Appliances

Cooking Tip

So, the first appliance I wanted to talk about is called cooking top, what is really unique about this specific appliance is that you can configure it any way you want. So, it actually gets installed individually on a stone countertop and you can position it like a traditional cooktop. But you can also create a linear row or if you want you can even just install one. If you want a burner for your kettle what I also really like about it is it also has a wok burner perfect for stir-fries. So, overall pit cooking is bound to impress your guests but it also is super easy to clean up because you’re cleaning your countertop.

cooking images


Range Hood

Another appliance that brings me to my next point, if you’re planning to put your pit cooking in your island you might not have the opportunity to do a range hood fan. So, another new option is called an integrated downdraft. What’s really unique about this downdraft is that it actually blends right into your countertop.

So, when the hood fan is down it actually looks like you have a little cut-out for stone. And then when you press the button the hood fan comes up and all of the ventilation goes downwards instead of upwards. What’s really special about this particular downdraft is that it creates a very seamless modern look and it gives you so much flexibility on where you want to position your cooktop.

range hood chimney


Next up on the list is the dishwasher which is knocked open. Oftentimes you will see a dishwasher that is panel ready, which means the cabinet door covers the front of the dishwasher. Now the struggle with this is finding an appliance pull which is the handle on the appliance that matches the rest of the kitchen.

Sometimes you just want to have a really sleek modern kitchen so the best option for this is going with a knocking mechanism, it’s simply a two knock and the dishwasher comes open. Not only that but it actually is rated very high so, the function of the dishwasher is actually awesome as well. So, if you’re looking for something modern and technology-friendly this is definitely a good choice.

lg dishwasher

Griddle Range

Next up we’re going to be talking about the griddle range. The reason why I really like this option is that if you’re into pancakes or crepes or any kind of flatbread you actually have a separate section with a griddle that is built right into the cooktop. This just makes it easier for cleaning and not having to use yet another appliance.

Griddle Range

Custom Range

Next up if you have more of a Parisian french look going on in your home or maybe you’ve got more of a traditional home you’ll definitely want to check out this. What’s really special about this appliance is that it has so many customizable options so, if you want to do silver detailing you can do that.

If you want to do gold detailing you can do that you can pick the number of burners. So, this appliance is really special to have in your home because it is really unique and super luxurious.

Best Kitchen Appliances

Wine Tower

It’s bound to impress any guest for all you wine lovers out there I am going to explore next about a 24-inch tower of wine. This is by Fischer and paycal and what’s really special about this wine fridge is it’s actually integrated into your cabinetry. You can actually match the perimeter of the door to the rest of your cabinets.

But it still has a viewing window for display and its actual temperature is controlled as well. If you love your wines but you don’t need an entire tower of bottles.

Wine Tower

Wine Fridge

You can also check out the lee bear wine fridge which actually sits at eye level. So, what’s nice about this fridge, it’s still built right into your millwork. It’ll be blended right into your cabinets you still have your viewing display just like the fisher paycal. But it’s a lot smaller so if you don’t have the largest kitchen or you don’t drink that much wine this would be perfect for you.

Wine Fridge


Next up is the world’s first microwave drawer that is smart, believe it or not, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of the drawer and the microwave will open. It actually comes with an app although.

I think it’s a special microwave because it limits having to clean it because there are fingerprints all over my microwave. So, it’s bound to impress your guests and it’s also super easy to use.

Best Kitchen Appliances

Push to Open Fridge

Next up if you liked the idea of the knocking dishwasher and the wave to open the microwave, you’re going to love this. This is actually an auto-open fridge and it requires no handles. All you have to do is push and the fridge actually pops right out.

If you have a really modern kitchen with really clean lines and no handles this fridge is perfect for you. It’s really high-end with the amazing function of the appliance is actually great as.

Best Kitchen Appliances

well, so the same type comes a vacuuming drawer so, what that means is you can actually pop your food right into the drawer and have it sealed shut perfect for marinations. If you want to preserve your food so what’s awesome about this drawer is. If you’re marinating tofu for example you’d pop it into the drawer, have it sealed shut, and then put it right into your freezer. When you’re done the material is actually microwaved safe so, you put it right into your microwave to heat it up.


Last but not least for all your coffee junkies is a built-in matte black coffee maker what’s really unique is you have 13 options from americano to macchiato or maybe just a latte. Your favorite coffees can actually be memorized to start at the same time each day. How cool is that and it also has a self-cleaning function which makes it effortless to maintain?

If you’re spending money at Starbucks every day this appliance is definitely for you you can save some money and have a really cool feature in your kitchen.

We’ve talked about a bunch of the best kitchen appliances today that are super luxurious a lot of them are really modern and really technology-friendly. So, if you are thinking about doing a kitchen renovation the appliances are really the foundation of that kitchen.

You want to make sure that you’re investing in really best kitchen appliances as they will increase the value of your home.

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