Best Highest Paying Apps to Help You Make Money

Best Highest Paying Apps

10 Best Highest Paying Work from Home Apps to Help You Make Money

Earning money from your phone was a laughable fantasy before the advancement of cellular devices. And now here we are in the age of the smartphone, where a career like this is entirely possible. Furthermore, it can be pretty lucrative as well.
With the onslaught of Covid-19 and its impact on the industry, jobs on virtual platforms have become increasingly significant. They are convenient, accessible from anywhere, and flexible. All these elements are attractive prospects for anyone wishing to earn a good income. The highest-paying mobile apps are quickly ranking higher as an authentic source to make money.

10 Best Highest Paying Apps to Help You Make Money

The experts have shortlisted some of the best highest paying apps for you to profit from.


Along with being a cashback app, Dosh is a passive way to earn your income. Which has a dream come true for anybody! Just set it up and wait to get paid. The app lets you link your debit and credit cards for an automatic cashback received. Anytime you dine out, travel, shop, or spend in any form at the participating merchants you get paid. For example, if you book a hotel room through Dosh, you get $25 cashback at the first booking. This is apart from the earnings you will make on the booking itself.


Ebates is another popular cashback app. The most attractive thing about these apps is that you get to earn from things you need to spend on anyway. As long as the transaction is done through the app. The participating businesses pay Ebates a commission for sending consumers their way. Then, the app splits that commission with the users. And you can expect to earn a good amount every time you shop online with Ebates.


According to the experts at, this app helps you in finding freelance jobs for a considerable amount of extra income. There are a great many options available for all types of professionals. We recommend that you apply for the positions that have five to ten proposals submitted already. The lower competition you have, the better chance there is to gain the job. Also, ensure there is a blue tick indicating verified payment in order to avoid scams. Apply immediately for any work that appeals to you before it gets taken by other candidates.


Similar to the two we mentioned in the beginning, Ibotta is also a cashback app. They are our favorite type of earning apps, because of how conveniently you can earn through them. Begin by downloading the app and before shopping, add offers on items you would normally buy. Buy them from the participating and save the receipt. Your offers will be redeemed by taking a photo of the receipt. Ibotta will match the purchased products with the offers and pay you the cash. It usually takes forty-eight hours to deposit into your Ibotta account.

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HealthyWage is the ultimate challenge to lose weight while getting paid. You will first need to access the HealthyWage Prize Calculator. There you enter the weight you intend to lose, the time you will need for it, and your betting amount. Once that is done, sign up for the app and agree to pay monthly as long as the challenge continues. Upon achieving your weight loss goal, you will receive your reward money! If not, the cash goes to support the app and provide prizes for other users.


This next app works along with the same concept as HealthyWage but in a slightly different form. This time the betting is against achieving certain step goals. You will be required to select a game to reach your step goals, then bet to join. The pot will consist of other players as well. Reach personalized step goals for every week of the game. If you make it through the whole game, then you get to split the pot. This earns you a tidy profit alongside your prize!


Acorns are ideal for micro-investing. It rounds up your purchases to the closest figure and invests the difference on your behalf. You can link any number of debit or credit cards as you wish. The service fee is $1 per month but college students can join for free! The app monitors your bank account and invests the change leftover from your everyday purchases. For instance, if you pay $1.75 for coffee, Acorns will round it to $2.00 and will invest it.


The app is available for both Android and IOS and is a convenient way to quickly earn money. The Instacart app enables you to make hundred dollars per day or more by grocery shopping for other people. All you need to do is sign up for the app and get started immediately!

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With DeCluttr you can sell old electronics including games, CDs, tablets, phones, and DVDs. Once you submit the items, you will receive an instant valuation for all things you want to sell. If accepted by you, it allows you free shipping. After a few days, your items will arrive at the Decluttr warehouse. An inspection will follow, and you will get paid the next day by Pay Pal or Direct Deposit. Earning money is as simple as that!

Foap App

And last, on our list, Foap App pays you to take gorgeous high-quality photos and videos. It has a feature called Missions where companies tell you what sort of visuals they require. If yours is selected, then you can win several hundred dollars in return. You can also download Jeet11 Fantasy App to earn money.

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